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Volodin called Russia’s victories the reasons for sanctions from the West – RT in Russian

State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin expressed the opinion that the victories of the Russian Federation in various areas are the reasons for the sanctions, the purpose of which is to curb the country’s development.

“Where we win, our competitors do everything to ensure that victory does not work for the Russian Federation. In all areas. Looking at this, you understand that all the sanctions in the economy, claims in politics, accusations of doping appear for one simple reason: the country has begun to develop. The blows are applied to everything that contributes to the increase of our competitiveness, ”Volodin wrote in Telegram.

According to him, the effectiveness of the political system in Russia is being accused of “undemocratic decisions”, and attempts are being made to thwart achievements in the Russian economy by bans on the supply of Russian energy resources to Europe.

The same applies to the situation with the pandemic, because of which in Europe and other countries “hundreds of thousands of people die” without the opportunity to get vaccinated and receive the necessary medical care, he said.

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“The supplies and production of the Russian vaccine in European countries are being blocked. They don’t supply their own, or they sell it for a lot of money, thereby retaining a monopoly on the pharmaceutical market, ”added the State Duma speaker.

Any victories and successes of Russia will be blocked, he stated.

“Sanctions and other instruments in the form of accusations, interference in elections and much more will be used to stop the development of Russia,” the statement said.

On March 4, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova announced the policy of containment towards Russia by the collective West, led by the United States.

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