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Vladimir Putin’s macho images popped up at just the right time – that’s the question – Abroad

Vladimir Putin is known for his macho images. Experts will tell you what publishing the images is all about.

The Siberian Tuva is less than 10,000 miles from Hollywood. President Vladimir Putin a riding trip in the steppes of their homeland in August 2007 was still like a good old western movie.

A shot back fourteen summers launched a series of macho images. The following year, Putin “calmed down” the tiger on which the satellite collar was mounted. In 2009 he went to the bottom of Lake Baikal in a submarine.







It’s been over a decade, but the pace isn’t slowing down. In new Kremlin images, Putin drives an army crew carriage in Siberia and the Minister of Defense hits the snow Sergei Shoigu alongside.

– The pictures show ordinary Russians that President Putin is not only physically but also mentally fit, political scientist, professor Vladimir Gelman says.

– Putin is portrayed as a powerful figure who is able to protect his people and country when needed.

Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu appear in recent photos.­

This may be an alignment. It tried to show Putin, who is in good shape, and Biden, who wouldn’t be strong enough to lead America.

Image release time it was hardly a coincidence. With the recent Democratic President of the United States With Joe Biden was a week ago on Friday having trouble staying up the stairs of an airplane when he was on a business trip from Andrews base in Maryland.

According to the party and nearby media, the triple compression was caused by the “wind”. Putin’s purpose might have been to show where the wind is blowing.

– This may be an assimilation. It tried to show Putin, who is in good shape, and Biden, who wouldn’t be strong enough to lead America.

Putin’s “stunts” have evolved over the years. Wonderman MacGyverkin could have wondered in 2012 when the president flew by hang glider to steer the cucumber plow into his route.

Always admittedly, Putinka does not succeed; the president tried to bend the frying pan into a pile at the Nasi youth camp, but eventually the days of the pan arrived to end with a local powerhouse.

The pan episode quickly became a joke, but other bulges have been portrayed in Western media, at least in a light light.

– In the West, they are seen as living their time, but for many Russians they are still relevant, says Professor Gelman.


There are countries around the world – especially in the former Soviet Union – where showing physical strength is an integral part of leadership.


Physical strength and masculinity are seen as good – and a must for the leader. Older generations in particular think this way.

German notes that such images will catch the eye of Westerners in 2021.

– As if they were taken in the 1950s. But many older Russians see them as modern because they still live within that frame of reference.

Gelman notes that Russia is not the only country where power and masculinity are still rampant. Northern Europe may be more of an exception.

– There are countries around the world – especially in the former Soviet Union – where showing physical strength is an integral part of leadership. In the Nordic countries, change has begun decades ago and is therefore already ingrained.

Putin caught the eye of the storm even in his home country as an opposition politician twisted Aleksei Navalnyin around the poisoning less than a year ago began to erupt. Now Navalnyi is sitting “safely” in prison. Putin still has, according to Gelman, a need to show who is commanding.

– The President wants to show that he is still firmly in power. There is also another important message in the pictures; who he is with. Defense Minister Sergei Shoigun.

– The joint photos with the Minister of Defense signal that the army is still on Putin’s side. The message is also aimed at his critics: The Russian army supports me.

Senior researcher Jussi Lassila From the Foreign Policy Institute, one notices a certain resemblance in the bulge credits to the Soviet description of the heroes of work in the 1930s and 1940s.

As early as March 2000, Putin was portrayed as the mate of the SU-27 fighter jet. The shot is like a replica of an ancient Red Army breath-raising poster.

– Those to whom stunts of this style and the authoritarianism of the leader are directed are reminiscent of the Soviet Union with longing. That is why such a naive way bites them, Lassila states.




The Soviet catalog also features decent fiddling and defiant cavalry – just like the Kremlin’s PR shots.

– From the authors’ point of view, these are not even tongue-in-cheek. Their problem is that they are aimed at consumers of television and traditional media, Lassila says.

– In Russia, several age groups have already grown up reading their news on the Internet. They don’t bite like that. The President’s Public Relations Department is aware that this is no longer as effective as it was in the early 2000s.

Also a professor Gelman sees that 68-year-old Putin cannot forever present a macho to his citizens.

– Things change in Russia too, but not overnight.

Alexei Navalny’s imprisonment lasts 3.5 years on paper. No one knows what will happen next.

The thought game about Navalny as Russia’s leader is distant, but one thing is pretty certain: he would hardly tame tigers or drive a tank without a shirt in official state photos.

– The most difficult situation in Naval is that all the talk about his rise to Russian leadership is speculation so far. However, I don’t think he would appear in such images under any circumstances, Gelman notes.

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