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“Virvon, varvon …” This is how vigilance was handled in Tampere in exceptional circumstances – send your own virvon picture – Kotimaa

Traditional twisting was successful even in exceptional circumstances.

“A man, a man.”, for a fresh, healthy, coming year. A joke to you, payment for me!”

Sunday was again the day when thousands of children from all over Finland had to go around the door with decorated willow twigs and collect extra Easter delicacies.

Except that this year it wasn’t very recommended, for understandable reasons.

However, the whirling and the collection of delicacies did not have to be completely abandoned, the inventive found many means.

In the absence of a better one, it was possible to turn a teddy bear, for example.­

Some families traditionally snuggled at the door at clear safety intervals, in others completely remotely, for example by video call.

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In many places, a vase and basket might be left by the roadside or in the middle of a housing company’s yard. The vase was decorated with jokes, and a salary could be left in the basket.

In this way, the vigil was safe, the participants had a good Easter mood and the children got their delicacies.

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