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Virginia Prez: “If a judge cancels the congress, we will vote again and I will present myself again”

President of the PP of Seville

Saturday, March 27, 2021 – 19:57

The president of the PP of Seville, Virginia Prez, after its proclamation.

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    The congress of the PP in Seville leaves an open (and deep) wound between Gnova and the Andalusian PP

  • Conflict.

    Guide not to get lost in the war of the PP in Seville that end up in court

Virginia Prez (Seville, 1979), was proclaimed this Saturday as president of the Popular Party of Seville in a congress that has been very similar to an internal war and that has derived in a pulse between the national leadership of the party and the regional one that has the trust between Gnova and the PPandaluz is broken. The alternative candidacy, led by the mayor of Carmona, Juan Vila, has denounced irregularities and a blow that ended in court after all attempts at integration failed. Despite everything, the re-elected Sevillian president speaks of cleanliness and transparency and trusts unity.

Is the Popular Party of Seville broken after this congress?
I hope not. Today has been a turning point, with the holding of the congress after the first round of last Saturday and I hope that all wounds heal. There are moments when there are disagreements, but there is no reason to break up.
How do you plan to achieve that unity that you have spoken about in your speech and that Teodoro García Egea has entrusted to you?
It’s not something I’m going to start digging tomorrow. It is something that I started doing from the beginning, since there were two candidacies because I have not stopped talking to anyone. I have tried at all times to have an agreement, first with Juan Vila and when Juan has not wanted, well one by one. I have already spoken with many people who were in the other category and who are happy to be part of the new team and I am convinced that everything will go well and that we will all end up working together, as I also understand that it cannot be otherwise.
Why has the integration of the two candidates been impossible?
Well, I don’t know because believe me, really, we’ve tried. At least I have tried from a very generous position. Anyone who knows how the teams and internal structures are formed understands that they have been generous at all times. We have offered an executive vice presidency to Juan Vila, five vice secretaries and later we have managed to integrate 65-35% which, I think, are very generous numbers. I have come to make the offer to Juan, or the proposal, to leave percentages and quotas aside, which did not seem appropriate to start with the surnames, by quotas. I have tried to be very flexible, very generous, but I understand that there was no desire for this integration a priori. Integration, I am convinced, will be a posteriori and will not be en bloc, but individually. The point is that we all keep rowing in the same direction.
Has the process been clean? Since Juan Vila’s candidacy, irregularities have been reported and there has been talk, directly, of a pucherazo.
I understand that the process has been clean. There has been an organizing committee of the congress that has been at all times so that the process is not only clean, but that it complies with the law and internal regulations, which are our statutes and regulations. Then there are issues that Juan Vila will not like, but they are what they are and must be respected and I am referring to the issue of fees. Our statutes are very clear and the organizing committee of the congress has done a magnificent job. Absolutely clean.
Are you afraid that a judge will annul this congress and your election as president of the PP in Seville?

No, I have no fear. If there is a judicial resolution and a judge annuls the congress, we will vote again, to present myself again. I do not have any doubt. But it seems very complicated for this to be so, because it has been a process not only clean, but also transparent.

What do you think that the president of the Andalusian PP, Juanma Moreno, did not attend the closing of the congress?
I fully understand that the president is dedicated to the management of Andalusia, he is the president of eight million Andalusians. I understand that we are in a very complicated situation, in a health and economic crisis and I understand that you have very important issues to attend to.
But he has attended other provincial congresses …
Well, I won’t have time today.
You have repeated many times that you were not Pablo Casado’s candidate, but you have had his support from the first moment.
I have not been the candidate of Juanma Moreno or Pablo Casado. I am or have been the candidate of the PP of Seville. Nobody has asked me to appear in the internal elections of my party and nobody has told me not to do it and I did it because I considered that we had a half project after having worked these four years with a team and wanted to finish it. I do not understand that I have to be a candidate for one or the other, I am sorry for that type of comparison. I have always said that I am from the Popular Party of Seville and, obviously, I am from Juanma Moreno and I am from Pablo Casado. Whoever does not understand the PP as a whole and wants to see tortico confrontations and encourages them, I understand that he is wrong and wants little to the party.
What has been due to his distancing from the Andalusian PP and Juanma Moreno? In the previous congress you had your express support.
I have not moved from where I was, I have not distanced myself absolutely from anyone and I have always done my work with the same intensity, with the people with whom I started. If there has been an estrangement, you should ask someone who feels estranged, which is not my case.
This congress has also caused tensions between the Andalusian PP and Genoa, what do you think? Can relationships be rebuilt?
I do not understand that there is any kind of tension between the Andalusian Popular Party and the national Popular Party, I believe that we are members of the same organization and, in fact, today both the secretary general of the national PP, Teodoro, participated in the provincial congress. Garca Egea, as the general secretary of the Andalusian PP. I think you have to see things with much more normality.
The PP of Seville has historically been unable to overcome the PSOE in the province and has even been surpassed by Ciudadanos or Vox. What is the problem?
We have had very good results in the province, I remind you that we cut a lot of difference, especially when we had that mayor with 20 councilors of Juan Ignacio Zoido. There is an endemic problem in the province, we are a province in which the PSOE has always been very strong because it was able to weave a client network with issues that are judicialized, issues such as Invercaria or the ERE. In the end, politically fighting certain issues like that is much more complicated than if we go to other provinces where they have not had a presence in this way. But I am convinced that we can have very good results in the province.
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