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Villa club manager: “They have lost and are frustrated”

The clubs agreed with the bandy association on the continued game schedule last Friday. Johansson talks about the structure behind the decision:

– It’s fun that he has such high thoughts about me, but everyone who is a little initiated knows that it is the competition committee in the bandy association that makes the decision about when matches should be played. Since then, we at Villa have agreed to take back the WO victory that was awarded to us in round three, says Johansson.

How does it feel to hear this kind of accusation?

– They have just lost a semifinal with 9-2 and are of course frustrated. This time it had to go over me. That may have happened. It is Daniel Berlin himself together with our team captain Martin Karlsson who made a letter to the bandy association where they wanted it to be decided on sporting grounds and that the match series would return to 1-1. You can ask him if he has changed his mind.

Have you heard anything about Saik wanting to withdraw from this match?

– No, I received a message yesterday from their club manager that they were ready for the match and would come to Lidköping and play today. These are the only signals I have received, says Johansson.

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Would you like an apology from Berlin when this is over?

– No, sports are emotions and let it flow in a playoff. It must stand for Daniel that he thinks I can control if this match is to be played. I run Villa’s issues and then Sandviken gets to run his.

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