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Viewers drew attention to one strange thing in the Deal episode – the words the competitor secretly uttered to the camera amazed many – Entertainment

Chord announced that he considered Peter dishonest and secretly told the cameras that he was going to “drop the bomb” on the man.

On Mondays, the TV rotates Dealthe sixth episode of the program caused confusion among viewers.

Twitter, Jodel and, among others, have been tweaking why Chord spoke in the episode evil about his rival Petristä.

Chord said he considered Peter dishonest. He then announced his intention to “drop a bomb” on Petri in front of the management team if the opportunity arises. He told of his intentions while speaking to the camera alone, meaning other competitors know nothing of his plans.

Petri’s dishonesty, however, hadn’t been transmitted to the home couches, at least to absolutely all viewers. After Monday’s episode, there was widespread criticism of Petri in Some.

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– I don’t understand Soinnu’s Petri design now. What am I missing? Twitter is wondering.

In the Jodel group of the deal, the topic is actively discussed.

– Where did Sointo’s Petri psychosis start? Didn’t they have been on the same team?

– What’s this Chord’s famous bomb going to drop?

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– Where did Sointu now have decided that Peter cannot be trusted? I like Chord, but that was a miracle.

– While waiting for Petri and Sointu to meet, the spectators wrote.

The chord announced that he was “dropping a bomb” on Petri (pictured).­

Some agreed with Sointo that Petri had seemed unreliable in the race.

– Don’t others here see that from Petri’s use? Also in this episode, Demo showed when Marko asked Helena to present his idea, one points out in Jodel.

There are four episodes left in the deal. Involved in the race are still Inka, Petri, Marko, Martin, Chord, Helena and Ariel.

The behavior of the chord has divided the opinions of the viewers.­

In the last episode, Sointu worked as the project manager of his own group. The group won the challenge, but the presenter of the program Jaajo Linnonmaa nevertheless gave the woman harsh feedback. According to Linnonmaa, Sointu did not give enough space to the other members of his group when he was the leader.

– It is not the best side of Chord in the leader that you are supposed to take something forward with determination, but you are constantly rolling everyone’s ideas. The truth was that when you have decided what to do as it goes, Linnonmaa shook.

Diili Nelonen on Mondays at 9 pm IS and Nelonen belong to the same Sanoma Group.

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