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VIDEO. Sidaction fears an increase in HIV contamination linked to the Covid-19 pandemic


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Since March 2020, 650,000 fewer screenings were carried out in France compared to 2019, according to the association.
Associations fighting against AIDS are worried. According to Sidaction, the Covid-19 pandemic and health restrictions have considerably disrupted HIV testing campaigns. The association estimates that there has been, since March 2020, 650,000 fewer screenings in France compared to the previous year. While 1.7 million HIV infections were recorded in 2019, “the UNAIDS program projects an average of 100,000 infections additional, each year between 2020 and 2022 “, alert Sandrine Fournier, director of the research and association funding division within Sidaction. And according to François Barré-Sinoussi, AIDS could cause 150,000 additional deaths during the pandemic.

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Faced with the health crisis, the fight against AIDS has changed. “The associations have done a remarkable job, welcomes Sandrine Fournier, they went as far astake packed lunches directly to people, fill out certificates, distribute hygiene kits … ” The head of Sidaction insists: the screening centers remained open throughout the health crisis, often offering tests “the result of which is known in fifteen minutes”.

“It’s very simple today, there are all kinds of methods and places to get tested in France. You can go to an analysis laboratory, a free information, screening and diagnostic center. (CeGIDD) or even buy a self-test in pharmacies. “

Sandrine Fournier, Head of Sidaction

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As Sidaction begins its traditional fundraising weekend, Sandrine Fournier recalls that AIDS is far from having disappeared in France. “We are still to more than 6,000 new diagnoses each year, of which 13% are young. More than 700 young people under 25 are diagnosed with HIV every year.

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