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VIDEO. In Russia, rare images of a female Amur leopard and her cubs

This feline, the rarest in the world, is critically endangered. Its population is estimated at around 100 individuals in Russia.
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Moment of grace. A female Amur leopard and her three cubs, the world’s rarest feline species, walked past the lens of a camera trap in the Russian Far East. The four Amur leopards, named in reference to the river that flows between Russia and China, were filmed in a national park which released these images on Friday March 26.

We see the spotted animals standing on a rocky height overlooking a forest. The mother, on the lookout, having perhaps spotted another animal, leaves the frame. Her cubs observe her, filmed for nearly a minute. According to Ivan Rakov, the spokesperson for the “Land of the Leopards” park, located in the Russian region of Primorye, this is the first time that this female has been filmed with her offspring.

Amur leopards, renowned for their climbing skills, are considered the rarest big cats in the world and are critically endangered, according to the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. In recent years, the measures taken by the Russian and Chinese authorities against deforestation and poaching have made it possible to significantly increase their numbers.

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Their population is currently estimated at more than a hundred individuals in Russia, compared to around 35 twenty years ago. For Ivan Rakov, this leopard, also known as the Amur panther, is therefore “back from the dead”.

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