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VIDEO. Bruno Le Maire promises not to tax the savings of the French but wants to promote donations



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Donations are not a “policy for the rich” but a question of solidarity in families. Taxing savings would not only be “unfair” but also a brake on recovery, said the Minister of the Economy.
Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, Finance and Recovery, said he wanted to promote donations, Monday March 29 on franceinfo. “You have a child who could not do his internship, did not have his contract, wouldn’t it be fair to allow him to give a few thousand euros without any tax, without any tax, so as to allow him to pass the coming months without too much difficulty? Allowing grandparents to support their grandchildren, that seems fair to me “, he stressed.

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“This is not a policy for the rich, insisted Bruno Le Maire. It is a policy of justice for the middle classes, for solidarity between the generations. It’s a way of saying that we are all united and that we must allow those who are older to help the young. “ The donation limit “will be reduced”, this would be “a few thousand euros, no more”. This proposition “will be arbitrated in the coming days”.

The French have saved just over 130 billion euros since the start of the health crisis linked to Covid-19. “We will not tax their savings”, assured Bruno Le Maire. “It would be deeply unfair if they put money aside to meet unforeseen expenses during the crisis, and it would be totally ineffective because it would prevent economic recovery.”

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This savings will allow the French to invest “in SMEs, companies and they do it. 800,000 PEA [plan d’épargne en actions] have been open for two years, the retirement savings plan is working remarkably well, we have succeeded in developing employee shareholding “.

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