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VIDEO. Behind the scenes of the biggest wild dump in France


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It is the largest wild dump in France. For 6 years, many companies threw their waste there. The goal: not to pay for recycling …

This is really the work of professionals, some craftsmen, some self-employed people, who, of course, not to pay and not to declare the projects they are doing to black people come here to have a blast.. “Free for individuals, waste reception centers can be very costly for businesses and craftsmen. In this documentary, journalists from Complémentquête follow an elected official in a wild landfill near Aix-en-Provence. With 50 hectares , or 71 football fields, it is the largest in France.

Here, for 6 years, companies threw away their waste to avoid paying for recycling. Only a mound of earth now limits access. Most often, Jean-Yves Sayag struggles to identify the faulty companies, but today, his explorations will put us on a track.

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