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Veterinarians and dentists will be able to vaccinate against Covid-19

Veterinarians and dentists will be able to vaccinate against Covid-19, after an opinion from the High Authority for Health (HAS) published on Friday which still has to be formally approved by the government. Other categories of health professionals are affected by this expansion, such as pharmacists in analysis laboratories.

In total, this will allow 252,000 additional professionals to be able to inject the vaccine against Covid-19, calculated the HAS. Veterinarians will be able to vaccinate the public only in vaccination centers and not in their practice. Dentists can do this at both locations.

Other health professionals could soon vaccinate

The imminent publication of this notice was announced Thursday evening by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran during his weekly press conference. In the immediate term, “the limiting element of our vaccination campaign” is not the number of potential vaccinators but “the deliveries of vaccines which are made to us”, he had however acknowledged, assuring that “this limit is evolving in the right direction “.

In addition to veterinarians and dentists, the HAS recommends offering the possibility of injecting vaccines to pharmacists in analysis laboratories, to “pharmacists in the fire and rescue services”, to “medical electroradiology manipulators” , to “laboratory technicians” or even to certain medical students. Lastly, the HAS recommends that this expansion also concerns “voluntary retired professionals (pharmacists, nurses, doctors, midwives, veterinarians, dentists, electroradiology technicians and laboratory technicians)”.

Nurses will be able to prescribe vaccines

Moreover, in addition to being already authorized to inject anti-Covid vaccines, nurses will gradually be able to prescribe them. Initially, this possibility will be offered “to nurses working within the framework of mobile vaccination teams”. This will make it possible to “meet needs not currently covered (isolated elderly people, people with disabilities, detained people, people living in areas with low population density and people who are socially isolated or in a precarious situation …)” .

Secondly, “the HAS recommends extending the prescription of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 to all nurses (in vaccination centers and in town), as soon as vaccination will extend to the population general and that the coverage of the oldest and most vulnerable will be sufficiently advanced “.

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The goal of all these expansions is “the rapid increase in vaccine coverage”, deemed necessary because of the “circulation of the SARS-CoV-2 virus at a high level” and the “rapid dissemination of new variants”, emphasizes the HAS in its opinion. In addition, she plans “substantial supplies of vaccines from April”, which she believes justifies increasing the number of vaccinators.

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