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Venice says goodbye to the cruise ships that crossed it


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A.Mikoczy, L. Tositti, F. Crimon

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France 2

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Venice (Italy) no longer wants large liners in its historic center. These huge floating buildings indeed crossed the city, leveled the quays of Saint Mark’s Square and threatened homes.

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Large liners should disappear from downtown Venice (Italy). A news very well received by the inhabitants of Venice who could not stand them anymore. Some had even demonstrated so that these floating buildings, which posed a considerable threat to homes, stop crossing the Italian city. “They are not compatible with our eco-system, not compatible with the lives of citizens,” testified a young woman during a demonstration on August 20, 2019.

In addition, several accidents left a lasting impression. In June 2019, a 92,000 tonne ship finishes its mad race against a quay. There are four injured. The same year, another liner brushed past the terraces of the Jardin district. Houses are submerged by the wave. In addition, for a year, cruise ships have disappeared from circulation in Venice, because of the coronavirus crisis. The city center has been stabilized and everyone understands the usefulness of the new ban. The deputy mayor in charge of tourism and economic development, Simone Venturini, admits, for his part, that mass tourism has done a lot of harm to his city.

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