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Valtteri Bottas was disappointed roster – wondered tactics: “I am surprised” – Formula 1

Valtteri Bottas would have liked a more aggressive depot strategy.

Valtteri Bottas was third in the F1 race in Bahrain.

Starting from the third square, Bottas lost his seat to Ferrari in the beginning Charles Leclercille, but drove the majority of the race in third.

– This is disappointing, but the team still scored very well, Bottas said Jenson Button in a track interview.

Bottas drove a few laps longer at the start of the race than his teammate Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton was second in the race at this point near the top car Max Verstappenia. Due to his early depot stop, Britti managed to rise ahead of the Dutchman and finally won the race after a tough fight.

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– It seemed that my tactics were such that we were defending and not attacking. I’m surprised. It was neither normal nor ideal, Bottas pained.

Hamilton came to the pits in the 13th round after being less than two seconds behind Verstappen at that point. At this point, Bottas was almost five seconds behind his teammate.

Bottas stopped three laps later. Outwardly, it did not seem that the tactic would have had an impact on the Finn’s investment.

Second the depot stop instead went wrong. Bottas lost less than ten seconds when Mersu had trouble attaching the tire. The gap widened further after that.

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– It took away the chances of rising. My pace was good in places, Bottas said.

– More would have been available. We were too conservative.

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