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Valtteri Bottas revealed that he knew the average penis length of a European beaver to the nearest millimeter – Formula 1

Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton chatted casually in a video.

F1 driver Valtteri Bottas revealed in a Swedish somev video that he knew surprising things about the anatomy of big rodents. Fellow teammate Lewis Hamilton asked Bottas in a video what is the craziest fact a Finn knows.

“I know the average penis length of a beaver to the nearest millimeter,” Bottas said.

Hamilton burst out laughing. Brit demanded to know what that number of millimeters is.

– I think it’s about 30 millimeters on average. At the European lighthouse, Bottas added as in the film The crazy world of Monty Python consolation.

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Finn said he became acquainted with this surprising biological situation in the winter after he had held a remote quiz with his friends and the question of the penises of hard-working dam builders had arisen. The intimate knowledge of “chisel-toothed forest engineers” had to be dug from the internet, of course, which worried Bota.

“When I googled things, I was afraid I’d be arrested or something,” Bottas laughed.

– That was a good thing, Hamilton giggled.

Formula 1 season began last Sunday in Bahrain. Hamilton won the race. Bottas was third. Red Bull got between the happy Mersu duo Max Verstappen.

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