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Valtteri Bottas is now seeking help in a new direction – admitting the barren truth of recent seasons: “It has happened sometimes” – Formula 1

Valtteri Bottas is looking for new ways to maintain mental well-being.

Same the disc rotates.

The idea certainly revolves in the minds of many when viewed Valtteri Bottas, 31, starting points for the new F1 season.

Bottas got a seat from Mercedes for the 2016 season as the reigning world champion Nico Rosberg ended his career. Since then, the championship has gone to Mercedes since 2013 To Lewis Hamilton, which has beaten Bottas year after year.

In the last two years, Bottas has opened the season strongly with a win, but towards the end the level has dropped.

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Now, in addition to the season world championship, he has one goal: Bottas wants to look in the mirror after the last race of the season and say he has done everything.

So is it that there has never been such a feeling before?

– Yes. If you mirror the previous years, then you have always been able to say that some things could have been done better. You don’t always even realize it in that situation, but when you look at the big picture later, you find yourself asking if certain things could have been done better in some places, Bottas tells Ilta-Sanomat.

– I now want to avoid leaving anything to be regretted afterwards. Everything is put into play, the Bottas line.

Valtteri Bottas in the F1 tests in Bahrain on March 14th.­

At least outwards in recent years it has seemed that Bottas ’performance has fallen, especially as the championship has begun to escape his reach.

A certain kind of blowout is natural in many ways. Bottas admits that this has been the case.

– I have to say that has happened so sometimes. Even if it shouldn’t, then if your own goal is just to win the championship and the chance to do it somehow goes, then easily a pretty big piece of motivation leaves.

– Even if you should perform as well as possible until the end of the season, it is no longer the same thing if the goal that is clear on a daily basis is taken away.

Bottas has previously taken a lukewarm public to use mental coach or other mental side of the experts.

Now the sound on the clock has changed. He already outlined at the presentation of the new car in the stable that he is now paying special attention to the mental side.

Details the Finnish driver doesn’t want to reveal, but you can read a lot between the lines:

– If you want to invest in that, then you can find professionals and guidance on certain methods as soon as you get acquainted with the matter.

– I have always had the belief that I am a nut so strong that I did not need any help from or advice. Now the feeling is that I will not leave any stone unturned. You can try everything if you could get new ideas for your own doing, preparation and other things.

– Moreover, I do not want to open up to precise methods, but I try to maximize every aspect: mental and physical. The package must be 100% throughout the season.

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