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Valencia processes a moratorium on licenses to prevent entire buildings of tourist apartments

Friday, March 26, 2021 – 18:18

The measure, promoted by the Councilor for Housing, Isabel Lozano, will block the processing of new licenses in 37 neighborhoods for two years. The consistory anticipates its approval in the plenary session of April

Map of the neighborhoods where the moratorium will be applied.

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The Valencia City Council has activated the processing of a moratoria from dos to to prevent the implantation of complete buildings of tourist apartments in 37 neighborhoods of the city. The Councilor for Housing, Isabel Lozano, explained that the measure aims to stop “speculative movements of vulture funds and large corporations that in order to carry out their activity expel the neighborhood from the city’s neighborhoods. ”

The mayor has given as an example the case of a residential building in the center of the city that has been acquired by a company to be used for tourist apartments, which will lead to the eviction of its current tenants. “An example of the movements that they want to stop is the case of Turia Street, which promotes the expulsion not only from neighborhood but of businesses that make a social function and rooted in the neighborhood as is the case of a schoolgirl, “he said.

The proposal will have an effect in most of the consolidated city, since the prohibition of processing and granting new licenses and declarations responsible for works and activities for this type of tourist use will be applied in the urban qualification areas of the Protected Historical Center (I go out in those that already have a Special Protection Plan such as the city center) and Ensanche.

Thus, the affected neighborhoods are: Botanic, Arrancapins, Nou Moles, Soternes, La Petxina, La Roqueta, Pla del Remei, Russafa, Gran Va, Mont-Olivet, En Corts, Na Rovella, Fonteta Sant Llus, Patraix, La Raiosa , Cruz Cubierta, part of San Marcel * l, la Amistat, Albors, Cam Fondo, la Creu del Grau, Ayora, una parte del Grau, la Vega Baja, parte de la Malvarrosa y Mestalla, Exposicin, buena parte de Benicalap, Benimmet and Benimaclet, San Isidro, Orriols, Torrefiel, much of San Antonio, Tormos, Marxalenes and Tendetes.

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The intention of the Councilor for Housing is to urgently process this proposal and that it can be ratified in plenary session next April. Once the moratorium is approved, the City Council, always according to Lozano’s statements, open a period of reflection to introduce more specific and definitive prohibition through the modification of the General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU).

“This measure is aimed at paralyzing the speculative actions of investment funds that are dedicated to buying entire residential buildings to be used for tourist apartments. We cannot impassively attend the expulsion of the neighborhood from our neighborhoods and that is why a containment and preventive measure is urgently needed that gave us some time to study in depth what are the specific changes to apply in the PGOU that are more effective and balanced to protect the residential life of the city of Valencia “, he stressed.

The movement, Lozano emphasizes, aims to paralyze the use of existing homes as tourist apartments, since this is one of the factors of major pressure on housing. In his opinion, in the last 10 years the transformation of homes for residential use into tourism has caused, saving the situation generated by the Covid, “the expulsion from the usual resident population one of the most attractive neighborhoods for tourism such as Ciutat Vella, Cabanyal, Malvarrosa, Extramurs, Ruzafa or El Grao among others due to their influence on the market, reduction in housing supply and the excessive increase in the price of sale and rent “.

For this reason, the councilor maintains, “it is necessary to act in time and avoid situations such as those that occur in other cities such as Madrid or Barcelona.”

Currently, in Valencia there is a urban limitation for the implementation of tourist apartments located in buildings that share a residential use. The PGOU determines that they can only be installed on ground floors or first floors and that in no case can tourist and residential use be combined on the same floor or that the apartments are located above the houses.

Recently, another requirement was added that obliges the owners of tourist apartments to be registered in the autonomous registration, a circumstance that can only be achieved if it achieves the urban compatibility granted by the City Council itself.

However, the prohibition does not affect entire buildings, which can be used for tourist use if they obtain the corresponding municipal licenses. Its implantation, in fact, is only restricted in the historical center and protected nuclei.

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