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Home World Uyghur women victims of forced sterilizations by the Chinese state
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Uyghur women victims of forced sterilizations by the Chinese state



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An animation broadcast by the Chinese Embassy aims to deny the genocide of the Uyghurs. The institution punctuates its message with numbers but these are a sham. Demonstration.
In an animation broadcast by the Chinese Embassy, ​​the observation is clear: there is simply no genocide against the Uyghurs because their number would have increased by 25% between 2010 and 2018. Over the last forty years, their population would also have doubled. The problem is that these figures can be understood in another way. Indeed, between 2018 and 2020, the number of Uyghurs rose from 12.7 million to 11 million.

A dizzying drop far from the positive figures put forward by the Chinese state. In addition, according to official documents out of the country and published by German researcher and anthropologist Adrian Zenz, the sterilization rate in Xinjiang (the Chinese region where Uyghurs live) has been increasing since 2016. “Sterilization in Chinese documents concerns women. It is about ligating the tubes so that women can no longer have children.”, says Adrian Zenz. In addition, IUDs would be forcibly implanted in the concerned, still according to the anthropologist. Finally, forced abortions are reportedly performed on many Uyghurs. However, measures aimed at obstructing births constitute one of the criteria for characterizing genocide.

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