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US Athletes Allowed to Kneel or Raise Their Fists During Olympic Trials

It is an important decision taken and formalized this Tuesday, March 30 by the American Olympic and Paralympic Committee. The USOPC has indeed assured that the athletes engaged in the various selections for the Tokyo Games will be free to raise their fists or kneel during the national anthem, to support the efforts of racial justice.

“Black lives matter”, “Trans Lives Matter”, “Justice”

Among the authorized protests, according to the new directive put in place by the authority, therefore include the laying of a knee on the ground while the “Star Spangled Banner “or on the podium, raising a fist on the podium or on the starting line. It will also be allowed to wear a cap / hat or a mask with phrases such as”Black Lives Matter“(black lives matter),”Trans Lives Matter“(transgender lives matter) or words like”equality“(equality) or”justice“.

The USOPC’s approach is in the wake of the many demonstrations that have followed one another in the United States since last spring and the death of African-American George Floyd, asphyxiated during his arrest in Minneapolis. It is a small revolution operated by the organization whose previous rules strictly prohibited any form of protest on the part of athletes. Its officials, however, stressed that the new guidelines only apply to upcoming Olympic selection events.

The IOC prohibits all forms of protest at the Olympic Games

The International Olympic and Paralympic Committees (IOC / CIP) will soon establish their own regulations in this area for the Tokyo Games. Currently, IOC Rule 50 prohibits any form of protest by athletes at the Olympic Games. What many American athletes and various international associations of athletes dispute.

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In line with the Black Lives Matter movement, a rare position taken by French athletes

In January 2020, the body updated its rules on sports activism, banning any form of claim on podiums and sports fields. Prohibitions that include posting political messages, hand gestures, kneeling, or refusing to follow medal ceremony protocol. But the IOC then suggested that she was ready to soften her stance.

John Carlos and Tommie Smith expelled from the 1968 Mexico Games

In the past, however, this body has shown itself to be very severe with regard to protesting sportsmen, notably expelling American athletes John Carlos and Tommie Smith from the Mexico Games in 1968 for their fists raised in support of the “Black Power” movement.

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