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Unsafe location for summer workers | SVT News

She is studying, has a one-year-old son, and would really like to make some money during the summer. This year, Élena Persson has applied for a summer job in health and care, preschool and as an assistant, but has not yet finished anything.

One of the tourist facilities in Värmland that usually employs many summer workers is Sunne Camping and Sommarland. There is also uncertainty about whether there will be any summer jobs this year, but they hope to be able to open as usual and in that case employ around 70 summer workers as in previous summers.

Record number of applications

But the pandemic and the state of infection also create fears.

– You never know where this with covid-19 will go, says facility manager Reine Flodin.

He has received about 800 summer job applications so far, which is about twice as many compared to what it usually is.

Has managed to get a job

Inside central Sunne we meet Tilda Bergström and Emmy Kyrk who both managed to get summer jobs this year.

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According to the Swedish Public Employment Service, the supply of summer jobs looks about the same as last year, they have so far registered about 2,500 summer jobs in the county.

In the clip above, Élena Persson talks about her search for a summer job, Reine Flodin about the high search pressure to work in the summer country and Tilda Bergström who managed to get a summer job.

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