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UK’s Johnson receives a dose of AstraZeneca – German and Italian leaders await vaccination turn – Abroad

At the same time as it was decided in Finland that AstraZeneca’s coroner vaccinations would be suspended, the leaders of the European superpowers would take their doses.

Britannian prime minister Boris Johnson received the first dose of AstraZeneca coronary vaccine on Friday. At the same time, he urged citizens to do the same, stressing that he did not get any side effects from the vaccine.

On Friday also the Prime Minister of Italy Mario Draghi and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel reported taking the same AstraZeneca vaccine.

As late as Thursday, Germany and Italy had suspended AstraZeneca vaccinations because of their suspected risk of blood clots. However, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) recommended resuming vaccinations on Thursday, when most of the countries that discontinued them also revoked the discontinuation.

Instead, it was announced in Finland on Friday that AstraZeneca’s use had been suspended immediately until at least the end of next week.

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Britannian Prime Minister Boris Johnson became seriously ill last spring with covid-19 disease caused by the coronavirus. He got into the power department, but eventually recovered. Johnson received a coroner vaccine on Friday in London at the same St Thomas’ hospital, where he was in treatment less than a year ago.

– I could not recommend taking the vaccine any more. Anyone who receives an invitation to get vaccinated would be important to do so. That’s the best thing you can do for yourself, your family and everyone else, Prime Minister Johnson stressed on Friday.

On Friday Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi also announced that he would soon take the AstraZeneca vaccine. The Prime Minister hoped that Italy’s decision to suspend vaccinations was not entirely catastrophic and that its consequences could be remedied soon.

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– I have not yet received vaccination time, but I belong to the age group for which it is available. And yes, I am eligible for AstraZeneca, 73-year-old Draghi said, noting his son received the same vaccine in Britain the day before yesterday.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel also announced on Friday that she is ready to take the AstraZeneca vaccine if it is her turn in the vaccination queue.

– Of course I’m taking the AstraZeneca vaccine. I’ll take it anyway when it’s my turn, Merkel said.

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