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U.S. small town order is overseen by 91-year-old police officer – beloved “Buckshot” is not going to retire – Abroad

LC “Buckshot” Smith has been a law enforcement officer for over 56 years.

LC ”Buckshot” Smith, 91, enforces the law in a small town in Arkansas, USA. The beloved police are known throughout the city of Camden and many stop to talk to him, says a police spokesman Dana Weatherby CNNto.

Smith started as a police officer in 1963. He worked as an assistant sheriff for 46 years before retiring.

However, the pension lasted only a few months when Smith returned to work.

– I had nothing else to do. I’m not fishing, I’m not in the woods, and I’m not boating, Smith says.

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– I stayed away for five months. The Camden Police Department wanted me back to work and I came.

According to Smith, work is a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

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The story of Arkansas ’oldest police officer has sparked interest across the United States and the man has given several interviews in recent weeks. LC “Buckshot” Smith is also one of the oldest police officers in the United States.­

He works from seven in the morning to three in the afternoon four days a week, Fox6 says. Sometimes there can be as many as five working days, “depending on what happens”.

Smith serves as a justice and assists in neighborhood surveillance as well as performing other common police duties such as traffic control and patrolling school grounds. He also participates in funeral processions and parades.

According to him, the measure of a good police force is not arrests but the fact that the police have compassion for the citizens they serve.

– A gun and a badge don’t make a good cop. You have to want to make it work and love and care about people.

Now Smith has been a police officer for over 56 years. The man has no retirement plans – he says he will leave when God calls him.

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