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two years after the revolution, the population is in the grip of serious difficulties



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In April 2019, the Sudanese revolution ended up overthrowing dictator Omar al-Bechir. Two years later, the country faces a very worrying economic situation and the authorities fear a new popular uprising.
On April 11, 2019, after four months of popular protests, Sudanese President Omar al-Bechir was overthrown in a military coup. The military has since agreed to share power with a civilian government. Civil liberties have been reinstated and the country has even been struck by Washington from the list of states that support terrorism. The transition is not as easy as hoped, however.

The Sudanese people must indeed face an economic crisis, which is accompanied by a strong devaluation of its currency, a surge in the prices of basic products and demonstrations against the high cost of living. The authorities fear a new revolution. If the civilian government gives hope to a certain segment of the population, the Covid-19 crisis underlines the difficulties facing Sudan, such as the lack of food or water.

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