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Two defense lawyers positive for Covid, postponement of Bygmalion trial envisaged

It is a story that has dynamited the French right: the Bygmalion affair. It concerns suspicions of illegal financing of Nicolas Sarkozy’s campaign in 2012. The trial, which risks bringing to light fratricidal rifts, was to open on Wednesday, but the defendants could ultimately only make one appearance because of the coronavirus.

Jérôme Lavrilleux’s lawyers positive for Covid

The defense has indeed asked for a postponement of the hearings in the midst of the epidemic. And for good reason: the two lawyers of one of the central figures in this case, Jérôme Lavrilleux, are affected by the virus. The one who was at the time the deputy director of the campaign of Nicolas Sarkozy and chief of staff of Jean-François Cope at the UMP, therefore finds himself defenseless.

Jérôme Lavrilleux was at the heart of the discussions during the campaign between the party and the service providers, including Bygmalion, which had agreed to make false invoices. It was he who had revealed in 2014 the double accounting system to conceal the exceeding of the ceilings of the candidate’s account. A case which had, over the revelations, led to chain explosions within the right, the Sarkozyst camp and the relatives of Jean-François Cope, former boss of the UMP, mutually rejecting the responsibility of the fraud.

New dates already proposed

Faced with the situation, all the defense lawyers joined in the request for referral, in solidarity with their colleagues. The prosecution will not oppose it either. He has even already proposed other dates between May 10 and June 24 so that this trial, scheduled for five weeks, can be held “under the best possible conditions and deadlines”.

These options will be discussed Wednesday at the opening of the debates, in the presence of all, including Nicolas Sarkozy. The former president had announced that he would be present at the hearings whenever necessary.

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