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Turkish series that cause a sensation

Monday, March 29, 2021 – 01:46

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Mothers unable to put Netflix on living room television Turkish series in original version with subtitles on laptop. Or even without them. What power of attraction do the productions of the Ottoman country have? They are presented as productions devoid of sex scenes, with bits of classic melodrama, with long chapters and a leisurely pace. On paper, it doesn’t seem like the most attractive thing for the public to immerse themselves in. But the Turkish series have all that … And much more, enough to have seized the prime time patrio in networks such as Telecinco and Antena 3. But the phenomenon is not limited to our country: it has spread to China, Russia, Argentina, Mexico or Venezuela, where it has been hooked to them until Nicols Maduro. In some countries they have reached a screen share of more than 50%, trading at 100,000 euros per episode. In fact, the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan it expects to earn close to 1 billion euros with the sale of the rights to more than 150 series to 146 countries. This is our selection to take the first steps in this exciting world of heartbreaking loves and unfiltered passions.

Woman (Kadin)

Globalization gives us a hint with this Turkish TV series … based on a Japanese drama, Woman: My life for my children, from Yuji Sakamoto. “It is one of the most acclaimed and best-made Turkish series in recent years and it was a success,” he explained to the Efe agency. Jos Antonio Antn, Deputy Content Director of Atresmedia TV, where Bahar’s story is a success that brings together more than two million people during the broadcast of each episode. The public lives with their hearts in their hands the misadventures of a woman who, after being abandoned by her mother when she was eight years old, finds the love of her life in Sarp, with whom she has two children before becoming widowed and forced to move to a new home. new neighborhood due to economic problems.

Love is in the air. Love is in the air (Sen Cal Kapimi)

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Getting Serkan Bolat to definitely conquer the heart of Eda YidizThe young flower seller whom he hired to pose as his fiancée in exchange for paying for his studies? The rich heir will not have it so easy, as the million and a half viewers that Telecinco gathers every time it broadcasts a chapter of the series well know. The main problem is that the national success has not been repeated in Turkey, where the fiction produced by MF Yapm is not sure to continue in a second season.

Mi hija (Kizin)

Three million viewers. It is the figure that Antena 3 hopes to reach with this Turkish production (based on a Korean series, Oh my yaque) in which Demir, a carefree criminal discovers that he is the father of yk, who has been abandoned by her aunt due to Nieman-Pick disease.

Pjaro soador (Erkenci Ku)

On November 24, 2019, hundreds of women collapsed the Adolfo Surez Madrid-Barajas Airport. The culprit was not a Hollywood actor, but Can Yaman, the muscular Turkish model, lawyer and actor who starred in Pjaro Soador, a teleserie where Sanem Aydn, a girl from an Istanbul neighborhood who dreams of being a writer and sees how her world is blown up when she meets Can Divit, a famous photographer destined to heir her father’s company, where she works.

Cruel city (Zalim stanbul)

A DTT channel capable of attracting 700,000 viewers. It seems impossible, but Nova succeeds. And it does so thanks to Cruel City, a drama that tells the story of Agah Karaay, a successful businessman who lives in an impressive mansion with his ambitious wife, Seniz, and their crazy children, Zenk and Damla, and his disabled nephew. , Nedim, responsibility that falls to him along with a great fortune. But the millions could not prevent Nedim from living in a wheelchair after suffering a tragic accident.

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