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Trump’s ex-lawyer tried to arrest the filmmakers – the film crew hid the footage in their pants – Entertainment

Rudy Giuliani called the police and accused the film crew of blackmail when the nature of the situation dawned on him.

Donald Trumpin ex-lawyer Rudy Giuliani tried to arrest another Boratafter the scene of the film crew, say, among other things Huffington Post and Deadline.

– He called the police and accused us of blackmail, even though we were without anything, the film’s producer Monica Levinson says.

According to Levinson, they were evicted from the room where Giulian had been photographed and could not get their belongings from there. However, they had had time to transport the filmed material out of the room before this. According to Levinson, it is always the primary measure and in practice means, for example, hiding the straps inside the pants.

However, the filming equipment was left behind locks, and the filming team had to manage a strictly scheduled end of the day with rental equipment. According to Levinson, it was very stressful.

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– The hotel didn’t let us get anything from the room, he says.

Rudy Giuliani tried to get the Borat filming group arrested by pleading blackmail.­

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The film released last October sparked a stir when it emerged that Rudy Giuliani appears in the film in a rather dubious light. In the outburst, Giuliani has agreed to interview “Borat’s daughter”. “Minor Daughter” is played by an actress in the film Maria Bakalova.

Giuliani thinks he is giving an interview to a fake conservative TV channel. After the interview, Borat’s daughter suggests the duo still go for drinks in her hotel room.

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The film shows a scene where Giuliani sits on a bed in a hotel room while her daughter strips her of the microphone used in the interview. Soon the situation escalates when 76-year-old Giuliani leans back on the bed back to a lying position. Giuliani then pushes his hand into his pants.

At this point Sacha Baron Cohenin played by Borat rushes into a room equipped with hidden cameras.

– She’s 15 years old. He’s way too old for you, Borat shoots in a joking tone.

Borat’s filming team carried the recordings of the raging interview in their pants out of the hotel room.­

Giuliani commented freshly in October and vehemently denied that he was about to take off his pants. He says he was in full attire and only straightened his shirt.

– I lean back to fix my shirt inside my pants. At that point, a picture has been taken that completely distorts the situation. I straighten my shirt and assure you that’s the only thing I was doing, Giuliani said.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Maria Bakalova star in the new Borat film Father and Daughter.­

The encounter between Giuliani and Borat leaked to the public already in the summer, when Giuliani said that he was startled by Boratia, who was crammed into a special outfit and suddenly rushed into a hotel room. He called the police to report the man.

– This guy just rushed in and he was wearing a crazy outfit that I would call a transvestite outfit. She wore a pink bikini and a mesh top. It looked ridiculous. He also had a beard and bare feet, and I really wouldn’t call it charming, Giuliani commented to the New York Post over the summer.

– He came in screaming and screaming, and I thought I had to be in a hidden camera. So I called the police. Then he ran away. It wasn’t until later that I realized he had to be Sacha Baron Cohen. I wonder about all the people he has cheated on. It felt good that he didn’t cheat on me, Giuliani stated.

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