Wednesday, March 31, 2021
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Trump’s antibody cocktail on the way to Sweden

The nickname comes from former US President Donald Trump, who after being infected with covid-19 was treated with the preparation which is a “cocktail” – a mixture of two antibodies. At the moment, parallel talks are underway with the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche, which is the manufacturer.

– An EU procurement is underway where a framework agreement is being written. The National Board of Health and Welfare is also already in dialogue with the Swedish part of the company and will eventually invite Roche in order to reach a local agreement in line with the EU agreement. As soon as it is ready, we hope for a delivery, says Marie State, head of the National Board of Health and Welfare’s drug office.

However, it is highly unclear when the drug may arrive in Sweden.

– The companies have not been able to specify when it is possible to receive deliveries, says Maria State.

The question is how much benefit the preparation can do in Swedish covid care. Ali Mirazimi, vaccine researcher and professor at Karolinska Institutet, believes that it can alleviate the disease for those who otherwise risk becoming the most seriously ill.

– This medicine can prevent people from coming to the intensive care unit, says Ali Mirazimi.

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* Hear more in the video above.

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