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Trump opened his verbal chest from Biden’s first press conference – considered one event a “complete humiliation” – Abroad

The ex-president criticized the Biden regime’s policy towards China and called for tighter controls on the Mexican border.

Former President of the United States Donald Trump uploaded his full-fledged follower Joe Biden after holding his first press conference as president.

Trump criticized the Conservative Fox Newsin in an interview, both Biden’s politics and how easily the media let the Democratic president go. The ex-president believes reporters treat Biden with silk gloves over how he was grilled at press conferences.

– They were weird questions, and they were asked in a very interesting way. They were like softballs (easy questions). It’s a whole different world, Trump said.

– It’s sad to watch. They fed him easy questions. Difficult questions were not allowed, they were ready to tear the microphone off if someone went for a little challenge. It was ridiculous.

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Trump also complained that the Fox News reporter who attended the event did not receive a question.

“No one ever talked to me that way”

Trump found problems in Biden’s economic, immigration, and foreign policies. He, for example, accused the Democrats of “destroying our country.”

He found it outrageous how the US-China high-level meeting in Alaska went last week. At the tense meeting, the Chinese delegation criticized, among other things, the human rights situation in the United States, raising the Black Lives Matter protests.

– Nothing like that ever happened to us. It was a complete humiliation for our country, I couldn’t believe it. They should have walked out. No one ever spoke to me or my group that way, Trump complained.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump photographed in January.­

The ex-president praised his own trade policy towards China.

– We took billions and billions of dollars from China. We brought our business back to the United States. It went really well. And China respected us.

Criticism of the treatment of migrant children

In a press conference, Biden criticized Trump’s immigration policy and border controls and accused the previous administration of allowing unaccompanied children to starve to death on the other side of the Mexican border.

Trump denied this and accused the Biden administration of living in inhumane conditions on migrant children arrested at the Mexican border. The same accusation was previously made against the Trump administration.

– They live in miserable conditions. That’s why they don’t get to watch the media. We let go, Trump loaded.

According to Trump, during his presidency, there were far fewer asylum seekers as they had to wait for an asylum decision on the Mexican side.

– Very few came to the border because they knew they wouldn’t get through.

The ex-president also called on the Biden administration to complete the border wall.

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