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Trotting tip: Toto5 Rovaniemi 28.3.2021 – the race starts at 11 am – Trotting tips

Sunday’s Toto5 game will be decided in Rovaniemi. T5’s game time ends at about 12.10.


Favorite: With Mr Jones freezing away, the set of hottest game horses seems very flat. IS Ravie’s favorite is 4 Herman Star. In his second race in Tornio, Ruuna ran alongside the leader and put pressure on Mr Jones, who was running in the bow, in the straight, but in the end there was nothing to pass. Last time in Rovaniemi, the rune made a matter-of-fact 700-meter Kiri’s 4th outside. Now it has good seams for bow running.

Challengers: Players favorite 1 Grainfield Gary was last better in Oulu than last time when he returned from the break. The stallion made a good 700-meter Kirin from the 3rd outside and rose to victory. Based on its recent accelerations, it will not Benefit from the starting point of the inner track, but it may also be that speed will start to be found if the driver requests it. 9 Jerome Di Quattro already belongs to all cloths based on stable data. Runa has had a gallop on the surface, but the success with the trot is not surprising in any way. Since her last race, the horse has switched to Janita Luttunen’s coaching and has ridden a fast-paced Hiitti.

Surprises: 3 Que Sera Sera has been positive in the last practice according to the team data and could, with a good run, fight at least for the truth. 7 Galileo Starin the level of the three-week-old encounter in Tornio should be clearly raised so that one can dream of hitting Herman Star. The will to win is also a question mark.

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Running: Herman Star pulls the hose.

Player distribution: Herman Star (24%) and Jerome Di Quattro (17%) have been overshadowed by Grainfield Gary (37%) in the preliminary division.

IS game recommendation – Toto5-1

Small: 4, 1, 9

Large: 4, 1, 9

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Favorite: 7 Kite League piled up a three-win tube in November and has been pretty good ever since, although the balance hasn’t improved. Especially at Monday’s intermediate start in Oulu, the rune was great as it rolled off the tail at a speed of 28.6 and came hard to the finish. A reliable rune is a natural choice for top ranking.

Challengers: 3 Welcome light competes with a tough win percentage and is a more talented young Finnish horse than usual based on previous races, so it is raised to the top of the challengers’ rankings. Ruuna last returned to Ylivieska from the winter break and was disappointing, but according to the team information, it now seems probable that Toivotuli will show his right skills again. There are good opportunities to lead the whole trip. 2 Crazy boy galloped last in acceleration and rushed towards the trackside so that the bench was just dusting. Nevertheless, on the way it found a running place from the 2nd outside, which made Kirin a good 800 meters and rose to victory, beating e.g. behind him on a journey of the League of the Kite. 4 Nompparilla is okay but annoyingly galloping. It was the second time in Rovaniemi a favorite against four horses again, but was left behind after leading and even in the final curve after shooting in the bag at the end. On Monday, the mare galloped from the 2nd outside 500 meters before the finish.

Surprises: 8 Viehko Venla returned last break and had a soft end leading from behind. The mare can now be sharper when it has a start below after a long break. The same words apply 5 Kuurapartaan, who last ran along another track without traction and stiffened at the end.

Running: The fire of hope is a likely drawbar. At most, Nomppar has a horse for which its back would not be suitable.

Player distribution: The Leijan Liito (40%) has emerged as a surprisingly clear game base. Toivotuli (18%), who was significantly underestimated in the morning distribution, is fascinated by the game.

IS game recommendation – Toto5-2

Small: 3

Large: 7, 3


Favorite Duo: 3 Lastsundayinmay is a multi-T5 safe today. The favorite position is clear when Armani Press missed out. Below is a valuable victory from Super Saturday in Kuopio. That’s when Lastsundayinmay won after a good back run, but in this task it is able to do its own run. Most likely, Mauri Jaaran defended to lead the race from start to finish. However, opponents are also good.

Challengers and surprises: 5 Poulter challenge a favorite if you get a successful run. On the second occasion, Ruuna made the model Kiri far from the rear and, among other things, toured the leader. 10 Run. Also last time in Rovaniemi, Poulter was better than the two, even though it caught a notch in the eye at the bow at the first kilometer. 1 Al E.Gador Zetiä not to be missed from a good starting point, even though there is a weak ranking below. Last time in Tornio, the rune drank its slime far too early as it tore through the fourth track alongside the leader in a 10.5-speed opening. Now the pace distribution will definitely become smarter and the class on the run will be enough for these starts for sure. 9 Libertine did a good Kirin 5th outside in Tornio and was the last to clear the running place on the second track without a back.

Running: Lastsundayinmay takes the crowd.

Player distribution: Al E. Gador Zet (4%) is by far the most interesting confirmation mark for the big favorite Lastsundayinmay (72%) in light of the preliminary game distribution.

IS Game Recommendation – Toto5-3

Small: 3

Large: 3, 5, 1, 9


Favorite duo: The Golf Journey freeze away favorite has risen 1 Mr McCool. It started with a catchy break driven by the coach and took the bow to fourth in the race, which was won by 2nd from the outside. 3 Gennaro Web. Now that Mr McCool has a start below and Mauri Jaara is jumping on the stick, the duo’s balance of power can be expected to turn around. The starting point favors Mr McCool, who enjoys the inner track.

Challengers and surprises: 13 Sagredo Hanoverilla there should be bangs to rise in their series. The last Yankee crown traveled in the rear forces on the inner track and spurt the space after getting the final straight strong. 9 Mamacita beat three rival horses in Tornio a second time, although he could not get free and came to the finish in the winner Estelle Tröjborg’s sweater. 8 Athletic Boss has not been successful for a while, but is guaranteed a sufficient ability in essence and would be difficult to beat, for example, in its late winter condition. Now the runer has a start below the break bridge. 5 Ego Hoss is able to do much better than the last break seemed. The starting point brings a clear gallop risk.

Running: Mr McCool keeps the bows on the inner track and takes the crowd.

Player distribution: Sagredo Hanover (13%) is the tastiest brand in the race based on the preliminary distribution.

IS Game Recommendation – Toto5-4

Small: 1, 3, 13, 9, 8

Large: 1, 3, 13, 9, 8, 5, 14, 6


Favorite: 6 Shotproof is a really good horse from the north and took his first victory from Mauri Jaara already in Monday ‘s intermediate start. Although the rune got a good run behind the tip, it wasn’t a luck win, as resistance was plagued by Mas Champ’s lead. Shotproof picked up at the start of the finish line and happily took Orlando Knick, who led past one.

Challengers: 7 at Regent Zet is below the overpowering victory over Boden 1.5 weeks ago. Ruuna kept the bows on the inner track and won by 20 meters. Now you have to run hockey down again and the goal is on the Swedish side in a race in a couple of weeks, so the tactics can be moderate from a bad starting point. It would open 1 Callela Leonardille good seams all the way to the lead if the horse is similar to its mid-winter races. Below is now a small pause, during which the horse has been cared for according to the stable comments given by Petteri Joe to the 7 right magazine.

Surprises: 9 Don Corleone Trot encountered Shotproof in Monday’s intermediate start. It got an indoor run and didn’t stay on top of the ride in a hard finish. Based on that, the profit would still be a big surprise. 2 Maffioso Face was sick in his last race and the poor ranking can be forgotten. However, based on the training, coach Sanna Palosaari estimates that the top condition is not yet at hand.

Running: Regent Zet will sink to the bow if the driver loads to the start. If not charged, Callela Leonard will lead.

Player distribution: A correctly played start where the favorite trio seems too hard for others.

IS Game Recommendation – Toto5-5

Small: 6, 7, 1

Large: 6, 7, 1

IS game recommendation

Toto5-1: 4, 1, 9
Toto5-2: 3
Toto5-3: 3
Toto5-4: 1, 3, 13, 9, 8
Toto5-5: 6, 7, 1
Price: € 4.50

From this coupon:

Toto5-1: 4, 1, 9
Toto5-2: 7, 3
Toto5-3: 3, 5, 1, 9
Toto5-4: 1, 3, 13, 9, 8, 5, 14, 6
Toto5-5: 6, 7, 1
Price: 57.60 €

From this coupon:

Probability estimates

4 Herman Star 35%
1 Grainfield Gary 27%
9 Jerome of Quattro 24%
7 Galileo Star 5%
3 Que Sera Sera 4.5%
10 Goros Pepper 1,5%
8 Roadtripper 1.5%
6 Next Door Guy 1,5%

7 Kite League 31%
3 Wish light 29%
2 Crazy Boy 15%
4 Nompparilla 10%
5 Kuuraparta 4.5%
8 Viehko Venla 3.5%
10 Nopsa Palma 3%
9 King 1.5%
11 Jerkla OK 1.5%
1 Kangster 1%

3 Lastsundayinmay 62%
5 Poulter 18%
1 Al E. Gador Convert 8%
9 Libertine 6%
10 Execute 3%
7 Replay Pellini 1%
11 Bajkal Graff 1%
8 Vanyar Pil 0,5%
4 Obelix M. 0,5%

1 Mr McCool 28%
3 Gennaro Web 18%
13 Sagredo Hanover 17%
9 Mamacita 14%
8 Athletic Boss 8%
5 Ego Hoss 5%
14 Duke of Mine 2.5%
6 Kivarin Sauce 2%
12 Almighty Boogie 1,5%
4 Emptybrook 1,5%
10 Dreaming Artist 1%
16 True Lance 1%
15 I Am Your Dream 0,5%

6 Shotproof 38%
7 Raining Turns 25%
1 Callela Leonard 23%
9 Don Corleone Trot 4%
3 Flynn Boko 4%
2 Maffioso Face 2%
10 Ypäjä Hereiam 2%
4 Onboard Broline 1%
8 Västerbo Fantast 1%

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