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Trotting tip: Toto5 Pori 26.3.2021 – Trotting tips


Favorite: 3 Wide Game on his previous trip to Pori, he fired first with a wild ride. In Kuopio, the game was ruined by the starting bag. Antti Teivainen returns to the reins, with which the horse has been at a clearly harder level recently than guided by others. The favorite doesn’t open very hard, but knows how to succeed with a wide variety of runs.

Challengers: 8 He Is Felix has shown good condition throughout the winter, but lottery luck has been weak and largely due to the result line being quite volatile. Ruuna is in a bad position again, but competes for a long time with optimal balance without rear shoes and is absolutely careful.

5 Red Hot Tap Dancer accelerates to the lead from where the rune was last lost only to the tough Deangelo and New Life Wheels barely. There is no such thing now. 2600 meters is in no way an advantage for a horse, but with the right speed distribution, that too will certainly succeed.

Criterion second 9 Stonecapes Sparrow constructs a return after a long absence in a slow hurry. In Kouvola’s Toto75 round, the horse did not succeed as a clear favorite, but there seems to be more in the players than in the horse. The task is now more suitable for the last time and with the right run, the rune is able to make a top fight.

Surprises: The pause was visible 6 Earn n’Burnin excerpts last at the end a bit, but a quick run may be a start in the body already better. 2 Gunvald is in significantly better condition than its lines, but this output is even an exceptionally tough overdraft for it. 7 Vagabond Vik begins to get into the start rhythm in their new home country. There would seem to be talents, but the quality of nutrition varies quite a bit.

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Player distribution: He Is Felix (12%) is very interested. Taking off your back shoes is a big deal for him.

Running: Red Hot Tap Dancer and Earn n’Burn open the toughest and run in that order at the top of the inner track. Seppo Markkula tries to calm down the pace of travel as quietly as possible and can succeed, because there is no intrusion alongside the leader.

IS game recommendation – Toto5-1

Small: 3, 8

Large: 3, 8, 5, 9, 6, 2

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Favorite: Another Toto5 item 2 These is the players ’clear choice for tonight’s T-game bank. Well over the 70 percent stake, it’s an interesting thing in the sense that 14 horses and 13 months have passed since the horse’s previous win. However, the stallion is absolutely on the rise and on Friday many things are in favor of its victory. The resistance is suitable and the starting point for Mail is the best possible. Last time, Ove lost the lead only to an opponent who sprinted from his back in the 11.5 finish and was good.

Surprises: 3 Dalton Hoss would be the most interesting confirmation sign if your favorite is applying for support. Ruuna is in better condition than her recent investments and also in a good location. 7 Didi Hoss has not found his best shot after a long absence, but the coach assures that better will soon be promised and the horse will help a lot if and when it is allowed to take off its front shoes. 8 Black Ice Boost is used to even tougher resistance, but has not excelled this year either and the starting point is poor for a horse that requires a good run. 1 Langen’s Csa Csa hasn’t been at its most agile lately, but No. 1, Teivainen and the Yankee carts may be a good concept for this. 9 Princess Cristal opens up a pretty big puzzle in Finland. Below, however, is a positive 19-speed mile hit.

Player distribution: Ove (75%) is tentatively overconfident tentatively, but as a clearly more likely winner of the evening, still an acceptable choice. Dalton Hoss (4%) is undervalued.

Running: The door should grab the spike pretty time without any problems.

IS game recommendation – Toto5-2

Small: 2

Large: 2


Favorite: The best horses in the third Toto5 destination are in miserable starting places, but still strong. 12 Making Match showed his gift at the age of 3, though still a little fluctuating. Last year’s level would already be high enough here and the assumption is that the horse has taken a step forward even after a good winter training season.

Challengers: 8 Natasha Love was crushing two starts then in Pori from the bow, but has since ruined the race twice. The horse last showed that the condition holds when it pulls off the tail after the 1st curve gallop 12.5 / 700 meters.

Fast 1 Caramania and 3 Too Red For You sway from the beginning to the tip. Caramania should be better than before from a small chair and the horse will be interestingly strengthened in this by Hannu Torvinen.

Surprises: 6 Believe In Dream has been twice a tenacious leader alongside and ready to be surprised if you get a backlash in gear. 5 Langen’s Mötörhead hasn’t gotten the biggest gear in the eye yet this year, but the grips may improve as the starts accumulate. 9 Rim Bay Duchess has been in the last mute, but has huddled in the past and is now experiencing an interesting change in the stroller. 2 Yankee Priden Finland’s debut went peppered with the 1st curve, but based on the Norwegian results, the horse should have potential.

Player distribution: Natasha Love (11%) is most clearly undervalued.

Running: Caraman wants to take the lead if he wants to. Natasha Love is likely to actively gass forward from the outside as well.

IS Game Recommendation – Toto5-3

Small: 12, 8

Large: 12, 8, 1


Favorite: The only Finnish horse destination in the row has candidates for winners on all three piles. 11 Lilya has been grown promisingly since the ages of previous ages and is now beginning to bear fruit. There have been two great wins in the last three and the mare will reappear in Pori’s long finish line at the end of the top fight at the latest.

Challengers: 2 Cupid returns from the break, but these Tero Silvas Finnish horses have recently been able to snag victories from those starting points before winning. There is a kind of gallop risk at the top of the volt, but Teivainen doesn’t get the job done and the mare might run away from the back trips hard already on the way.

14 Hipatsu is a precise ride when it wants to rush too eagerly to get in front of a free track. Ruuna will be able to ascend from two decks to the victory battle if it receives suitable traction assistance. Last, Kiri’s initial launch was too fierce and was visible in the last meters.

12 Layla constantly collects a lot of games, but the top mood has been lost for some time. The horse will perform steadily for sure, but when the turbo gear is missing, the rankings will be close to Toto instead of wins.

Surprises: 1 Debt and 5 Old Jasun are extremely fast horses, but the rest of the compression level varies and is often rather weak than praiseworthy. The debt was left in the bag last time and it could do good. 10 Kikan Velperi toured last season’s almost mostly tough Toto75 starts and performed matter-of-factly. A horse will probably require starts from a break, but it is worth accommodating larger tears if its balance appears to be optimal, ie shoeless. 13 Konrad needs a precise run, but with such a tension a piece of firm. 3 Rokkoff there is no shame in this class, but according to the background troops, the horse is by no means a break at best.

Player distribution: Cupid (18%) and Hipatsu (17%) are slightly undervalued. Layla (20%) is clearly over-trusted.

Running: Velaks and Jasun Velho contemplate the first bow. The cupid will eventually advance to the lead if you clear the beginning with a trot.

IS Game Recommendation – Toto5-4

Small: 11, 2, 14

Large: 11, 2, 14


Favorite: 11 Unbounded Stride would seem to have finally found performance in his grips at the age of 5. Ruuna last pulled hard in the bow and still had to let in only the Yankee newcomer The Nex One, but its back chart will be seen by many more this summer. The favorite can be fast, but of course running from the 11th track can be impossible.

Challengers: 7 Rarity Red is a great revelation and performs matter-of-factly, but it’s easy to agree with the coach’s comment that there’s still a lot more to see inside. In the last race, Runa came in second from the lead, but a win was also offered.

4 Hello Alejandro has alternated with starting shots and perky finishes in recent starts. Fitness requires a return to the winning streak, as long as the run is Nazi.

2 Grainfield Emma has been evenly thick after the break. The place is favorable and I wonder if there is no better promise than last time.

Surprises: 9 Our Lexalla has been in trouble since the start of the good season and the coach is pretty pessimistic in the wake of the sick break. 10 Eyes On Alley bent last after the initial rupture, but got under the much-needed start and is dangerous on a smoother run. 3 Chevy To The Levy improved his second Finnish start a lot, but of course the resistance is tougher last time now.

Player distribution: Pretty properly played slots. Eyes On Alley (2%) is an interesting surprise search.

Running: The front line accelerators are pretty smooth. Rarity Red may squeeze into the lead with external force during the opening half.

IS Game Recommendation – Toto5-5

Small: 11, 7, 4, 10

Large: 11, 7, 4, 2, 9, 10

IS game recommendation

Toto5-1: 3, 8
Toto5-2: 2
Toto5-3: 12, 8
Toto5-4: 11, 2, 14
Toto5-5: 11, 7, 4, 10
Price: € 4.80

From this coupon:

Toto5-1: 3, 8, 5, 9, 6, 2
Toto5-2: 2
Toto5-3: 12, 8, 1
Toto5-4: 11, 2, 14
Toto5-5: 11, 7, 4, 2, 9, 10
Price: € 32.40

From this coupon:

Probability estimates

3 Wide Game 30%
8 He Is Felix 20%
5 Redhot Tap Dancer 19%
9 Stonecapes Sparrow 18%
6 Earn n’Burn 6%
2 Gunvald 3%
7 Vagabond Vik 2%
1 Sahara Foxylady 1%
4 Sivori Effe 1%

2 Ove 63%
3 Dalton Hoss 10%
7 Didi Hoss 8%
8 Black Ice Boost 5%
1 Langen’s Cha 5%
9 Princess Cristal 3%
5 Beauty Erin 2%
4 Spanish Rose 2%
10 Emotion Man 1%
6 Crosby 1%

12 Making Match 29%
8 Natasha Love 23%
1 Caramania 14%
6 Believe In Dream 8%
3 Too Red For You 6%
2 Yankee Pride 5%
5 Langen’s Motörhead 5%
9 Rim Bay Duchess 5%
10 New Sensation 2%
4 Stonelake Marilee 1%
7 Uphouse Ace 1%
11 Undercover Unique 1%

11 Lily 26%
2 Amorphine 24%
14 Hipatsu 22%
12 Layla 10%
1 Debt 3%
3 Rokkoff 2%
5 Old Jasun 2%
8 AT Erika 2%
7 Transient 2%
10 Kikan Velperi 2%
13 Konrad 2%
6 Revenues 1%
4 Stellar 1%
9 Laari 1%

11 Unbounded Stride 26%
7 Rarity Red 24%
4 Hello Alejandro 22%
2 Grainfield Emma 8%
10 Eyes On Alley 6%
9 Our Lexa 4%
3 Chevy to the Levy 3%
1 BWT Duracell 2%
6 Langen’s Greyhound 2%
12 Bernetta 1%
8 Local Time 1%
5 French Riviera 1%

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