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Trotting tip: Toto5 Mikkeli 30.3.2021 – Trotting tips


Favorite: 3 Varma-Konsti is strong in Toto5 opening if trotting or not galloping very badly. In Kuopio, two galleries came in the beginning, after which the horse toured from the background in a hard start with his position much tougher. The church tour went on the winter track along the outer tracks for less than 27 rides.

Challengers: 5 Essin Tone took the opening victory of his career only in the 22nd start in January, but since then, number one has accumulated at a fast pace with three. Last time the mare was the best alongside the leader and bothered to do the work herself.

If the previous challenger is strong, then 7 Huimanni is in turn fast. Ruuna has found good performance, but the enthusiasm from the free track has not been enough in the best possible way. The horned duo is clearly more confident than the favorite.

9 Scarf is a hard bone of its own age group for mare departures. The 5-year-old began his season with a decent performance in a hard start from the 3rd inside and last came a lot of strength stored in the bag to the finish when the bow horse bent badly in front at the end.

Surprises: 6 Sparta squeezed the last lead alongside the truth and performed for sure, but wins are scarce. 8 Kilmeri is a capable case whose career has progressed intermittently. Ruuna starts with new hands and a long break. Unfortunately, the coach was not reached. 4 Malakki, 11 Vexi and 1 Flyer get hard, but should squeeze the end more eagerly.

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Player distribution: Varma-Konsti (21%) should be a favorite. Scarf (3%) and Kilmeri (2%) are good crosses for surprise hunters.

Running: The speed kick leads to the beginning, but wants in front of the back. Huimanni is also fast, but has not performed well from the bow and the final bow horse is not an easy nut to crack.

IS game recommendation – Toto5-1

Small: 3

Large: 3, 5, 7, 9, 8

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Favorite: 10 Love’n Cash started the year with convincing wins and earned big pluses especially for his performance in Vermo, where the stallion sprinted the last 700 meters under 12-rides. In Kouvola, the horse had been quite hot. The 14-speed 700-meter sprint after the gallop was a great performance in terms of the fact that a lot of force had been spent on irrelevance before leaving. This will be reassuring equipment changes. It’s not easy to get backwards on these departures, but a favorite can do it when they behave.

Challenger: 4 Jadira Web detached from his lead in his debut, handsomely number one. Rima rises from that, but the mare will definitely go further under the start and the level of the previous race is already high enough here.

Surprises: 1 Bergelmir returned in tune from the break and is undervalued from the button seat. Killer only had a hard Money Match ahead. The rune runs here in the lead or behind the leader. 8 Pate’s Boy On Edge came to Kuopio 2. inside the bag to the finish line, after struggling hard alongside the leader 5 Jacksonville periodically closed the bus. The duo seems to be developing pretty evenly. 3 Mahanille a win was also offered from the bow position in the last race, but the pressure was not quite enough. The start interval has since been stretched, so an explanation could be found there and the horse could be better now. 2 Combat Indeed has snapped good rankings with good results from small starts, but the lineup of results is a bit flattering and the preliminary game share is quite hard. Nice developing 9 Grove’s Apricot is in a tougher task from behind in trouble.

Player distribution: The surfaces of Love’n Cash (24%) and Jadira Web (30%) could be the other way around. Bergelmir (2%) is most clearly undervalued.

Running: Bergelmir initially takes the lead, and doesn’t hand it over to just about anyone. For Jadira Web, a spike could be available.

IS game recommendation – Toto5-2

Small: 10, 4

Large: 10, 4, 1


Favorites: The very dawn of the Finnish horses’ evening has a strong effect on the two’s trade. 5 Vixeli will rise to the top of the race and it could happen as early as this year. Tapio Perttunen warns that the horse will come here very moderately finished, there is only one 33-speed Hit below and the horse will be sharpened with the starts. For the coach, the victory at this point would be even a small surprise. However, the opening of last year’s season was with similar preparations to the level that a stallion is allowed to be a meager favorite despite the coach’s warnings.

7 Hiking started his own season at Killer with comments similar to Vixel that he had gone home very moderately before the race. The performance was balanced and matter-of-fact, though of course a little exhausted from the sharpness. The start under the horse is certainly better and it should be from these starting points to be in the game sections closer to the favorite.

Surprises: 6 Make Wee Baron was faint for the last two, but they had an explanation from the health side and the horse should now be better. 2 Virin Vihtori rolls with force, but the speed is not enough for the rear-facing hard masks.

Player distribution: Vixel (50%) and Hiking (36%) should be closer to each other. Tee Wee Baron (5%) is a little underrated.

Running: Viriori opens the lead. Tee Wee Baron opens best from behind and is likely the ultimate bow horse.

IS Game Recommendation – Toto5-3

Small: 5, 7

Large: 5, 7, 6


Favorite: 6 Pica-Pica Oak has made two matter-of-fact presentations since the break, 4. but is able to do better. Last time, the conditions were against and only the hard horses that got a better run were left in the rock hard Gli GP qualifier. The mare of this group is able to turn even from the leader, but of course it can swing a bit.

Challengers: 9 Carmalt Mustang after a back run, the piece is really strong, as last seen. Ruuna is somewhat dependent on the help of others, but track 9 is at least likely to promise a horse-ridden back run.

2 Delightful Moment is a launcher, and there is no reason to look back in front here. The enthusiasm at the end of the rune varies slightly, but on a good day it leads from start to finish.

Surprises: 5 Nope’s Dynamite has got three starts in the body after the break and bounces slowly. 8 Coldspringille has failed to use twice as much or less force since Killer’s victory. The starting point improves significantly with the absence of a couple. 11 Boss Amiraal is in the condition of his life at the age of 10, but running from a bad place is forcibly quite difficult.

Player distribution: Pica-Pica Oak (38%) could be a slightly more solid favorite.

Running: Delightful Moment shoots at the spike site and wonders about it.

IS Game Recommendation – Toto5-4

Small: 6

Large: 6


Favorite: 3 Cazador is already seeking its fifth consecutive victory. A strong rune has been confirmed in its grip a lot, but there is still some degree of gallop risk in it. The favorite was in Joensuu from the bow position in a suitable company, surprisingly tight and the horse can be challenged as the speeds on the summer tracks increase. Breastfeeding starts at the age of 7, but making sure is fascinating in the mind of the game.

Challengers: 5 Easy Ri is not the first, and certainly not the last, horse whose level rises with Janita Antti-Roiko. In Lappe and Kouvola, the mare pushed extremely hard from the background with a lot of tension and the time to win the cart start is soon.

9 Fabrice Web got in the wins quite easily from the bow places and was such a weaker side game destination in Kouvola. There, the horse bent over the chest and it, in turn, should be forgotten when that place didn’t fit. Ruuna is in a good mood on his own, but the back row is a big minus for a fast horse enjoying a bow.

10 Rahart surprised in Vermo without front shoes. Now there will be more to rotate, but the ruin that continues with its optimal balance is still dangerous.

Surprises: 2 Hello Kent is a good horse for this series, but below is a pretty long break and according to the coach, the rune returns pretty moderately finished. 4 Queenstyle doesn’t seem to succeed then at all, but the genealogy has capacity. The 5-year-old has already been in the bag many times this season or received a late order. 8 Timothy Igge starts in Finland as a big riddle, but the board has a handsome runner-up from Solvalla and Mertsi Bollström, who has been successful as a trainer with Bansky, so the horse should be riddled with at least several characters.

Player distribution: Rahart (4%) and Queenstyle (2%) are interesting searches.

Running: Queenstyle opens up to the lead first, but will certainly be happy to take care of Cazador in the future.

IS Game Recommendation – Toto5-5

Small: 3, 5, 10, 4

Large: 3, 5, 10, 2, 4, 8

IS game recommendation

Toto5-1: 3
Toto5-2: 10, 4
Toto5-3: 5, 7
Toto5-4: 6
Toto5-5: 3, 5, 10, 4
Price: € 1.60

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Toto5-1: 3, 5, 7, 9, 8
Toto5-2: 10, 4, 1
Toto5-3: 5, 7, 6
Toto5-4: 6
Toto5-5: 3, 5, 10, 2, 4, 8
Price: € 27.00

From this coupon:

Probability estimates

3 Varma-Konsti 32%
5 Essin Tint 26%
7 Huimanni 18%
9 Scarf 9%
8 Kilmeri 5%
6 Sparta 3%
4 Malakki 3%
11 Vexi 3%
1 Flyer 1%

10 Love’n Cash 38%
4 Become a Web 28%
1 Bergelmir 9%
8 Pate’s Boy On Edge 7%
5 Jacksonville 5%
2 Combat Indeed 4%
3 Mahani 4%
9 Grove’s Apricot 3%
6 Janet Web 1%
11 Mountain Titanium 1%

7 Hiking 43%
5 Vixeli 43%
6 Tee Wee Brown 8%
2 Virin Vihtori 2%
4 Viriori 1%
9 Nopsan Pace 1%
3 Julianne Dahlia 1%
8 Humility 1%

6 Pica-Pica Oak 43%
9 Carmalt Mustang 20%
2 Delightful Moment 20%
8 Coldspring 4%
5 Nope’s Dynamite 4%
11 Boss Amiraal 3%
1 Lucille Bourbon 3%
7 Dark Defender 2%
12 Good Guy 1%

3 Hunter 29%
5 Easy Ri 28%
9 Fabrice Web 10%
10 Rahart 10%
2 Hello Kent 8%
4 Queenstyle 6%
8 Timothy Igge 4%
6 Ofelia Roc 1%
1 Rebel Race 1%
11 Winner’s Credit 1%
7 Side Splitting 1%
12 Gee Mustang 1%

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