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TRIBUNE. More than 200 politicians demand “a real law” for the climate

Yannick Jadot, Olivier Faure, Delphine Batho, Danièle Obono, Matthieu Orphelin, Sophie Taillé Polian, Noël Mamère, Clémentine Autain, Jean-Luc Mélanchon, Benoit Hamon or Corinne Lepage … In total, 52 political figures of the opposition publish a column on Friday March 26 on the franceinfo site to denounce the lack of ambition of the “climate and resilience” bill which will be examined by the National Assembly from next Monday.

In this plea for “a society in which we eat better, where we breathe better and where our work makes sense”, they particularly deplore the too great absence of the proposals resulting from the Citizen’s Convention for the climate – the National Assembly recovered “a weakened bill”, they write – and the impossibility for parliamentarians “to fully fulfill their functions”. Mobilized next Sunday in the street, they “demand a True Climate Law”.

We need a True Climate Law

In 2019, during the yellow vests crisis, and while young people for the climate are mobilizing all over the world, the President of the Republic agrees to put in place an unprecedented democratic process: the Citizen’s Convention for the climate. The first citizens’ assembly dedicated to the climate ever to be organized in France, this process is a democratic innovation, which could herald an evolution in our culture of political decision-making.

The citizens worked for nine months, providing a comprehensive and ambitious job to accomplish the mission entrusted to them: to propose measures allowing the reduction of at least 40% of our greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, in a spirit of social justice. CEOs, unions, NGOs, parliamentarians… many of us have praised the quality of their work.

The National Assembly has however recovered a reduced bill, which does not allow, according to all the institutional and consultative actors (CESE, CNTE, HCC, etc.), to achieve the objectives set by the national low carbon strategy.

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Even though many improvements could be made to this text, parliamentarians are prevented from fully fulfilling their functions. First in a special committee, where many amendments presented were rejected or declared “inadmissible”, even though they were amendments on the most impactful measures to reduce our emissions. Or again, by the choice to limit the parliamentary debate to 45 hours, thus preventing many amendments from being defended.

“A law so important for the future of the planet, our society and the country should be the subject of a genuine democratic debate within the institutions and not be the result of truncated and quickly concluded discussions.”

The signatories of the platform

For all the young people, the students, who no longer manage to project themselves into the future, for the small traders who have not worked for almost a year, for the artists deprived of their raison d’être, for all the people who have seen their lives turned upside down because of the health crisis, we owe it to ourselves to draw a common, viable and happy horizon.

This climate bill is supposed to lay the foundations for a new society that we are calling for. A new model which would draw lessons from the crisis we are going through and lay the foundations for the famous “world after”. A society in which we eat better, where we breathe better and where our work makes sense, a society in which our children grow up with the keys to understanding the changing world in which they evolve.

However, there are many citizens who are already changing their behavior on a daily basis, and who only ask to be supported. There are also many entrepreneurs and business leaders who expect more regulation so that commitment to ecological transition will be a real economic asset in the future. The climate bill, as it stands, does not allow us to set out on this path.

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The text will arrive in plenary session at the National Assembly on March 29, and we will do everything in our power to instill the foundations of an ecologically viable and socially just society. This subject is too important to be rushed and put off, too important to be covered in 45 hours. So we will do everything we can, with the support of citizens, to offer solutions to meet the climate emergency.

For our generation and future generations, we will mobilize in the National Assembly from March 29, and this Sunday March 28 in the street, with citizens, to demand a True Climate Law.

The list of the main signatories:

Manon Aubry, MEP; Clementine Autain, Member of Parliament for Seine-Saint-Denis; Joël Aviragnet, deputy for Haute-Garonne; Delphine Batho, Member of Parliament for Deux-Sèvres, former Minister of Ecology; Julien Bayou, national secretary EELV; Guy BENARROCHE, senator of Bouches-du-Rhône; Esther Benbassa, environmental senator from Paris; Joël Bigot, senator from Maine-et-Loire; Jean-Louis Bricout, deputy for Aisne; Remi Cardon, senator of the Somme; Damien CAREME, European deputy ; Hélène Conway Mouret, Senator representing French people living abroad; David Cormand, European deputy ; Alain Coulombel, spokesperson for EELV; Monique de Marco, senator from the Gironde; Karima Delli, MEP EELV; Thomas Dossus, senator from the Rhône; Gregory Doucet, Mayor of Lyon; Olivier Faure, deputy, First Secretary of the Socialist Party; Jacques Fernique, senator from Bas-Rhin; Gérard FILOCHE, spokesperson for the Democratic and Social Left (GDS); Paula Forteza, Member of the 2nd constituency of French people living abroad; Albane Gaillot, Member of Parliament for Val-de-Marne; Benoit Hamon, regional councilor for Ile-de-France; Olivier Jacquin, senator from Meurthe-et-Moselle; Yannick Jadot, European deputy ; Régis JUANICO, deputy Génération.s of the Loire; Patrick KANNER, Senator from the North – President of the Socialist, Ecologist and Republican group of the Senate; Bastien Lachaud, deputy LFI of the Seine-Saint-Denis; Aurore Lalucq, MEP; Pierre Larrouturou, MEP, general rapporteur for the 2021 EU budget; Corinne LEPAGE, Former minister, former euro deputies, co-president of CAP ecology; Gerard Leseul, deputy for Seine-Maritime; Christmas Mother, former deputy for Gironde; Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, mayor of Rouen, president of the Rouen Normandie metropolis; Jean-Luc Mélenchon, deputy for Bouches-du-Rhône, President of the La France Insoumise parliamentary group in the National Assembly; Philippe Naillet, deputy of Reunion; Daniele OBONO, Member of Parliament for Paris; Matthieu Orphan, environmentalist deputy for Maine-et-Loire; Mathilde Panot, Member of Parliament for Val-de-Marne, vice-president of the La France insoumise parliamentary group; Gilles Pontlevoy, co-president of Nouvelle Donne; Loïc PRUD’HOMME, deputy for Gironde; Sandra Regol, deputy national secretary of EELV; Johanna Rolland, mayor of Nantes, president of Nantes Métropole; Sandrine Rousseau, primary candidate EELV; Fabien Roussel, deputy from the North; Sabine Rubin, Member of Parliament for Seine-Saint-Denis; Francois Ruffin, deputy of the Somme; Isabelle Santiago, Member of Parliament for Val-de-Marne; Sophie Taillé-Polian, senator from Val-de-Marne – national coordinator of Génértion.s; Marie Toussaint, MEP EELV; Hubert Wulfranc, deputy for Seine-Maritime; …

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