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transmission to humans from animals deemed “probable to very probable”

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                After spending four weeks in China, WHO experts delivered their report on Monday, March 29, on their investigation into the origins of Covid-19.  The hypothesis of transmission to humans by an animal " <em>tank </em>Is privileged.

                                    <p>The conclusions of this study were eagerly awaited.  After passing by <strong>four weeks in China to investigate the origins of the Covid-19</strong>, the WHO and Chinese experts concluded in their report that the transmission to humans of the Covid-19 virus by an intermediate animal is a hypothesis " <em>likely to very likely</em> ».

According to the final version of the report, the specialists judged that “ given the literature on the role of farm animals as intermediate hosts for emerging diseases, it is necessary to carry out further surveys including a larger geographic extent ” in China and elsewhere.

Laboratory leak ” extremely unlikely »

Regarding the hypothesis of the leak of a laboratory, the experts judge that ” extremely unlikely “. This hypothesis was notably conveyed by the administration of former US President Donald Trump. She had accused the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which conducts research on very dangerous pathogens, of having let the coronavirus escape, voluntarily or not.

Finally, the specialists who went to China favor the hypothesis of the natural transmission of the virus from a reservoir animal – probably the bat – to humans, through another animal, still not. identified to date.

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According to some, WHO experts did not have enough freedom to work freely during their stay in China. In particular, the mission struggled to get set up because of China’s reluctance to let specialists come to its territory.

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