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traders authorized to sell on public roads


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France 2

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L. Benzaquen, V. Llado, H. Ayroulet

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France 2

France Televisions

The elected officials of the Alpes-Maritimes have found a way to allow closed shops to welcome their customers. Interested parties are now allowed to set up stalls on public roads.

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In the Alpes-Maritimes, traders forced to close their doors are happy. Indeed, elected officials have authorized them to set up stalls on the public highway to welcome their customers, reports France 2, Friday March 26. In a street in Cannes, Jessica Lefort, a ready-to-wear manager, is delighted with the initiative. “For people, it allows them to have life on the streets“, she judges.

On the customer side, we are also enthusiastic. “After all, why not, if people don’t crowd into how little space there is“, considers an elderly woman.”You have to help the traders, it’s still the economy of the city“, adds another, very favorable to the measure. In another shop, the director, delighted, even recalled staff on short-time working, to come to work.

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