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Trade union organization called for boycott of Kontula Brewery in Estonia – brewery demands report on “painting” – Taloussanomat

On Twitter, the Finnish Food Workers’ Union called for a boycott of Kontula’s small brewery products because they are made in Estonia. The brewery wants a public explanation.

Last week, a new beer appeared in some Finnish grocery stores, the Kontulan Brewery’s Keijo lager. However, Keijo’s country of origin is not Finland, and the company’s press release mentions Estonian A. Le Coq as the beer maker.

Keijo’s country of origin was not kept secret, although it may be a little confusing for the consumer that the name of the brand clearly refers to the suburbs of East Helsinki.

– We have ownership, product development, warehousing, administration, marketing and sales as well as an office in Finland. Only production is made in Tartu at a factory where beer has been made since the 19th century. We do not cover the matter in any way, of course, on the contrary, said the merchant Matti Pesonen previously to Ilta-Sanomat.

According to him, Kontula is involved in the name of the brand, because the company itself is from there.

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However, the Finnish Food Workers’ Association SEL urges the message service on Twitter to leave Keijo beers on the store shelf.

– Leaving Keijot in the store and buying beer made in Finland, which employs brewery workers in Kerava, Lahti, Iisalmi, Laitila, Nokia and numerous small breweries around Finland, SEL tweeted, linking to a tweet according to a previous article by Ilta-Sanomat.

– We have been campaigning for domestic work and the jobs of our members for decades. We recommend everyone to buy food made in Finland that employs in Finland, SEL continues.

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– We defend Finnish work and the jobs of our members. In the same way, we have previously highlighted Fazer’s Runeberg tarts made in Latvia or the Sisu lozenges currently made in Italy. Of course, each consumer makes their own purchasing decisions.

SEL’s Tweets infuriated Kontula Brewery.

– Kontula Brewery is in the start up phase. We founded our company with Finnish forces in the summer of 2020, which means that we are at the beginning of our operations. So far, we have only invested in the company for more than six months, paid more than € 100,000 to our tax guarantee account, our brewing partner in Tartu, ordered various types of subcontracting services from Finland, paid commission costs for work, stored our products in Vantaa and furnished and rented our company’s head office. A lot of money has gone from us six owners as individuals to get the company up and running. We have that famous entrepreneurial risk to the fullest, merchant Matti Pesonen in the company’s press release.

According to Pesonen, clear grounds should be found in SEL’s boycott principles. He feels the organization has attacked the business of Kontula Brewery.

– I don’t remember seeing a boycott of beer products of completely foreign origin and what is your relationship with our foreign-owned breweries ?, Pesonen wonders in the press release.

Pesonen states that SEL has not been in contact with them other than through a published tweet. He is now demanding a public explanation for the painting of the Kontula Brewery.

– Does SEL have a habit of attacking individual companies? Hopefully SEL will have a list of all the companies they say should be boycotted, because otherwise this is arbitrary. Could SEL publish its boycott principle? Now it can’t be found anywhere, Pesonen is in pain.

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