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towards strengthening health measures?


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Faced with the surge in new cases of Covid-19 and the saturation of hospitals in some regions, new measures could be taken during the week. Decryption with the journalist of France Televisions, Anne Bourse, in duplex from the Élysée, in Paris.
The next few days will be observed very closely by the executive, as the Covid-19 epidemic continues to spread at high speed in the territory. “The pressure is very strong, everything can change in a few hours”, alert the journalist of France Televisions, Anne Bourse, live from the Élysée, in Paris. “Emmanuel Macron says that for the moment, nothing has been decided. Everything will depend on the indicators of this beginning of the week, we will know if the restrictions put in place for ten days are effective”, she continues.

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“If the numbers are not good, the president could decide on another turn of the screw, and he said it himself: he has no taboos. All scenarios are possible. As always, the decision takes into account the health and economic aspects, and the acceptability of the French “, concludes Anne Bourse. Any decisions will be taken during the new Defense Council, organized on Wednesday March 31.

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