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Tough F1 prediction: Mercedes will do a big clean-up and Bottas will be sidelined – Verstappen and Russell next year’s driver duo? – Formula 1

The F1 driver market is already underway through 2022.

Formula the number one season in 2021 begins with the Bahrain gp this weekend, but as is familiar to the series, speculation about the future is still spinning. During the season, the hottest rumor mill will be spun around the F1 grand stable, as Lewis Hamilton continuation beyond this period is a question mark and Even with Valtteri Bottaks there is an agreement only for this period.

Managing Director of McLaren Stable Zak Brown anticipates that Mercedes will do a major cleanup after this season. Brown thinks of Autosport bythat the Mercedes driver duo for the 2022 season is Max Verstappen and George Russell. Red Bull star Verstappen has been considered Hamilton’s successor on Mercedes, and Willell’s contract with Williams, which succeeded Hamilton during this coronavirus absence last season, will end this season.

– That seems to me to be the most logical alternative for Mercedes, Brown commented on the Verstappen / Russell pair.

– George has a relationship with Mercedes, and I understand he is out of the contract at the end of the year. Lewis has a one-year contract, and then there’s Max, who I believe will be a free agent at the end of the year. That would, in common sense, be a transfer that (Mercedes team manager) Toto (Wolff) could do.

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– I have no deeper idea of ​​whether that will happen or not. And I don’t want to confuse the pack, but that would look like something to me (that would happen).

Wolff mentioned in a Mercedes car announcement in February that Verstappen is “on the radar.” However, Wolff stressed that before looking elsewhere, he has discussions with his current drivers.

– Max is definitely an awesome young driver who will be on everyone’s radar in the future. But as I have said, we do not liehittele (other) before we have a clear understanding with the two drivers, Wolff designers.

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