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Tornado flew Mac, 78, and Philip, 50, to a cattle pasture in Alabama – “The whole house began to twist around them” – Abroad

According to the tornado, the abducted father and son recovered from their injuries at the hospital.

Stateside The 24 tornadoes that swept through the states of Alabama and Georgia on Thursday took the lives of at least six people. However, according to the authorities, the final confirmation of the number of fatalities may take days.

Dozens of people were injured and entire neighborhoods were destroyed, Reuters reports.

A news agency reporter visited the 1,200-strong town of Ohatche in northern Alabama, where residents tried to collect their property saved from tornadoes from the ruins of houses. Five of the deaths caused by the tornadoes occurred in Ohatchee.

Traces of the tornado in Newnan County, Georgia on Friday.­

Great the pile of scrap went through as well Rebecca Haynes Griffis, 48, whose father’s home that pile had still been the day before. The woman told Reuters how her brother had helped both herself and the sibling’s father survive the tornado with her quick action.

– He saw it approaching and took my father in a big bear hug. He held on to his father until the goods stopped moving, Griffis told of what happened on Thursday afternoon.

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However, the danger was anything but over.

– The whole house began to twist around them. Suddenly there was no roof at all. It came and took them, Griffis, who works as a nurse, said.

Rebecca Haynes Griffis presented the camera with a picture of her daughters, which was rescued on Friday from the remains of a house destroyed by a tornado.­

According to the tornado Mac Haynes, 78, and brother Philip Haynes, 50, landed on a cattle pasture 12 meters from the house. At that point, however, there was only a stone foot and a pile of shreds left of the house.

The father and son were rushed to the hospital, from which Elder Haynes was released as early as Friday. Griffis ’brother suffered fractures all over his body that keep him still in the hospital.

Griffis for his part, rejoiced to find a box containing his parents’ wedding rings in the ruins of the house. Griffis, who was on a business trip to Georgia himself on Thursday, had tried to reach out to his father and brother in order to urge them to seek out a neighbor’s basement in case of tornadoes.

– By the time they answered, it was already on them.

Rebecca Haynes Griffis found her parents ’wedding rings in the ruins of her father’s house.­

According to Griffis, it took the fire department three hours to get through the rubble near the men who had been injured in the pasture. When they finally got there, the wind began to pick up again as a result of another tornado that had progressed nearby.

Firefighters transported the men to a neighbor’s basement, where they waited for safer conditions to transport the men to the hospital.

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