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Top Glove, the leading manufacturer of medical gloves banned in the United States

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                Malaysian company Top Glove, the world's largest producer of rubber gloves, has been accused by the United States of using forced labor.  Therefore, Washington decided to seize the products of this company in American ports.

                                    <p>After investigation, the US Customs and Border Protection issued its findings. <strong>Malaysian manufacturer of Top glove rubber gloves</strong> uses forced labor in its factories.  A further blow for this company, the world's leading producer of medical gloves.  Last year, the American authorities had already banned for the same reasons the importation of gloves from two of its subsidiaries.

US customs, however, have assured that this new measure would not impact imports of disposable gloves to consumers. United States, very useful in this period of pandemic.

The company already pinned down for unsanitary housing

For its part, Top Glove said that forced labor is not present in the manufacture of its products and that it seeks to resolve this dispute with the United States. The company is often accused of employing many migrants from South Asia at its sites. The latter, poorly paid, are generally housed in very poor conditions.

The Malaysian government has already accused the company of housing its employees in unsanitary buildings. She therefore risks paying heavy fines.

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