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Toni Cant: “I have lost my illusion in politics, my offers are only from two producers and I am going to accept them”

Tuesday, March 16, 2021 – 12:10

The former spokesman for Citizens in the Valencian Courts insists on justifying his departure only in the discrepancies of his party, not because of an approach to the PP but warns: “I am a free man and I will do what I want.”

Toni Cant, after presenting his resignation to the act in the Cortes.

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Toni Cant he insists that he does not intend to continue in politics. “I am disapointed”, he insists minutes after signing his letter of resignation to his seat of deputy in the Valencian Courts. It is his turn to meet for the last time with the parliamentary group that has led the last two years, which is orphaned and on the verge of rupture. To those 17 deputies explain the details of yesterday’s tense Executive that ended with the abandonment of their positions and that easily summarized. “I don’t feel represented by the leadership of my party. Ins [Arrimadas] and its hard core move away from the essence of the party. I feel like I spend my day doing work lifting a huge rock, I carry it up the mountain and the hard core knocks it down. “The actor under the Ssifo sndrome prefers to withdraw. “I need to believe in what I do and I don’t believe in who runs the party. Right now I have two offers from two television production companies and I am going to accept them. Because from today I have neither salary nor right to unemployment, “he stressed.

Impossible not to fly over his possible jump to the Popular Party, as he did from UPyD to Ciudadanos in 2015. “You overestimate me, but no. I am unemployed. The only offers I have are from two production companies. Of course, I am not going to accept lessons from anyone. I’m a free man and I’ll do what I want“, he warned in a direct dart to those who from the orange dome describe his march as an orchestrated.

“I have been very touched and I have lost the illusion of politics,” he insisted while confirming his contacts with the PP after the failed motion in the Region of Murcia. “They called me immediately to see if Alicante, [la Diputacin y el Ayuntamiento]I was in danger, but I told them that the decisions that Ins and his hard core made were not being communicated to me. I told him that if it depends on me, no. But he could not assure him. I don’t know if they are going to use Alicante as hostages. ”

Cant assured that he did not go to the meeting predisposed to slam the door, to ask for explanations about decisions that, he defends, lead Ciudadanos to irrelevance. “I was predisposed to meet Citizens, with people who have a life outside of politics and are not afraid. That if they make a mistake, they resign. But they screw the position and the act. Old politics. They wanted to negotiate with me in an office to clean the image, as if I were a Chinese vase. I am not for that, nor for a carguito in the Permanente “, sentenced.

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“Negotiations with Pedro Sanchez for the budget, the extension of the state of alarm, the terrible Catalans and Murcia, which has been dramatic. No one assumed responsibilities, they did not even tell us if they negotiated with Ivn Redondo in Moncloa, “I listed before charging again against the leader of the orange formation.” Arrimadas said that the leaders would be valued for their actions, but then no They could be blamed for the result of the Catalans. Let us now evaluate its result: we have lost Murcia, Madrid and we will not enter the Assembly. Who is the danger? They see him outside, in other games, but the danger is the dome“, he sentenced.

That danger that Cant mentions is allying with the PP and that it engulfs them. “I think that is what they should do. The party is very bad, it is most likely that we will not enter Madrid. That is the definitive death of the project. I asked for a vote to be taken. Madrid Sum, it will be used to save the party and we will win a few months to that the militancy would work to replace the hard core, which has stolen the party leadership from the affiliates “.

As in 2015 happened with UPyD, the actor will meditate if he withdraws from the game or maintains its militancy waiting for better times. What he put an end to was his stage in the Valencian Parliament, which has not lasted a full legislature.

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