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Tome de Rhuys, a 100% Breton cheese


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The France Télévisions teams make you discover the Tome de Rhuys, a cheese produced only in the town of Sarzeau on the Rhuys peninsula (Morbihan).
In Morbihan, a Breton cow is making a comeback in the meadows: the black magpie. This cow is recognizable by its black and white dress but above all by its very small size. The Bourvellec family raises around thirty. By assembling milks from the region, she created a cheese with raw milk that comes only from this farm: Tome de Rhuys.

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The secret behind this cheese is in the cellar: the tome will stay several months in the shelter. Everything is done thanks to the ciron, a small spider well known to cheesers. This mite usually lives on wood. On a cheese, it participates in its refining. “This microbial life on the cheese bring a perfume on this cheese, that we call cheese ceronne“, explique Gurvan Bourvellec. 80 volumes are produced every day. The production and sale of this cheese font live six employees. The Tome of Rhuys is only sold in grocery stores, or direct from the farm.

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