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Toilet paper threatens to end in the world – in Finland, the emergency does not come as easily – Taloussanomat

The phenomenon is due to the increased demand for freight containers in China.

From the beginning of 2020 an outbreak of a coronavirus pandemic led to a global toilet paper hoarding phenomenon. A year later, Suzano SA, the world’s largest producer of toilet paper raw material, warns of pulp supply difficulties, news agency Bloomberg says.

According to the Brazilian company, the cause of the problem is the so-called container crisis, ie the international shortage of freight containers carrying goods. The deficit has been fueled by a sharp rise in demand for containers in China. At the same time, manufacturers have predicted the pandemic will reduce consumption and reduce production.

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Bloomberg says the CEO of Suzano SA Walter Schalkan suspected that a snowball effect was exacerbating the supply situation, as household demand for toilet paper had increased in the context of the container shortage. According to Schalka, the company has already had to postpone its deliveries in March-April.

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– All operators exporting containers have faced this risk, Schalka tells Bloomberg.

Brazil is the world’s largest supplier of pulp and Suzano SA produces about a third of the world’s pulp, according to Bloomberg.

In Finland The container crisis does not significantly jeopardize the availability of toilet paper, as there are two major tissue paper manufacturers in the country: Essity at Nokia and Metsä-Tissue just over a hundred kilometers away in Mänttä. In total, almost four million rolls of toilet paper are produced daily from the mills.

Some of the production is exported, but more than three million rolls of goods remain within Finland’s borders every day.

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Finland has a population of about 5.5 million. So, for every Finn, one whole roll of toilet paper is currently made at least every day – practically about four rolls a week.

According to the study, one roll of toilet paper is enough for one Finn for about a week.

In the world, problems in freight transport have already spawned a number of economic problems. Deliveries of food and agricultural products, among other things, have been delayed. This week, the downward spiral has been further accelerated by the blockage of the Suez Canal, which is essential for freight traffic between Europe and Asia.

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