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To protect against severe injuries … An innovation that measures a helmet – our lives – features

Many athletes who engage in sports such as American football or horseback riding, for example, rely on helmets to protect themselves from serious injuries in the event of falls or bumps, but wearing a weak or disproportionate helmet makes the user vulnerable For severe brain injury, which is considered a major cause of death or disability.

The scientific journal ACS Sensors, concerned with the research of sensor units, reported that a team of researchers have created high-precision sensors that can measure whether the user is wearing the helmet properly, allowing it to withstand stress and shocks.

The sensor units consist of a layer of “polydimthyloxin”, interspersed with a group of electrodes. The sensors also contain proportions of nitric acid and sodium bicarbonate. When the helmet is compressed, the distance between the electrodes changes, and it emits electrical signals that are translated into measurements to determine the helmet’s ability to withstand the shocks.

As part of the experiment, a sports helmet was equipped with 16 sensors, and tested on three volunteers, and it was found during the experiment that the user with the largest head among the three felt the most pressure around his head, especially in the forehead area.

This technology helps athletes choose the most appropriate helmets that fit their head sizes. It also allows manufacturers to develop helmets with special abilities that are suitable for different sports, and reduces the chances of athletes suffering head injuries, according to the website TechExplore, which specializes in technology.

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Studies by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention indicate the number of head injuries among athletes in the United States ranged between 1.6 million and 3.8 million injuries annually. Field research also indicates that athletes wearing disproportionate helmets increases the likelihood of these injuries.

• Wearing a weak helmet, or a disproportionate size, makes the user vulnerable to severe brain injury.

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