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To change the distribution of vaccines, a complete collision from hospital districts: “Does not eliminate the problem” – Finland

More than half of the hospital districts have a very cautious or completely negative view of the regional emphasis on vaccine distribution.

Most There is a very skeptical or outright negative view of Finnish hospital districts about changing the distribution criteria for coronavirus vaccines.

On 18 March, the national vaccination expert group, Krar, recommended a change in the distribution of coronavirus vaccines, with a clearer emphasis on the regional epidemic situation and the number of coronary patients in hospital.

In a survey by the Department of Health and Welfare’s THL, seven of Finland’s 21 hospital districts opposed the proposal unconditionally and seven were very cautious about the change.

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No response was received from five hospital districts, and only two hospital districts, Hus and Päijät-Häme, supported the plan.

Different distribution of vaccines does not eliminate the epidemic problem.

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In the current In the event of an epidemic, the change would mean that the Hus region and the hospital district of Southwest Finland would receive more vaccines, but the vaccine volumes in most hospital districts would fall by as much as 40–50 per cent.

– We have great reservations about changing the distribution of vaccines. Now it seems that the vaccine would start to come to Finland in perhaps even double amounts, but after the reform it would not increase the number of vaccines in us at all, the leading chief doctor of the city of Vaasa Heikki Kaukoranta said.

– Different distribution of vaccines does not eliminate the epidemic problem, Kaukoranta added.

In addition, many hospital districts were of the opinion that before a regional emphasis could be made, all people over the age of 70 and those at risk should first be fully vaccinated.

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In addition, hospital districts believe that arranging vaccinations should be kept as simple as possible and that changes in vaccine distribution would involve a lot of extra work.

Targeting vaccines to the worst epidemic areas is currently being considered.­

THL gave on Thursday opinion regional weighting of vaccines to the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. In its statement, the THL did not take a position in one direction or another, merely stating that “regional targeting of corona vaccinations is feasible”.

According to THL, targeting vaccines would reduce the need for intensive care somewhat but would not significantly curb the progression of the epidemic. THL has calculated that targeting vaccines could reduce 285 to 557 hospital stays, depending on how many vaccines can be given.

The need for intensive care would be reduced “somewhat” by the redistribution of vaccines, according to THL calculations.­

The opinion also emphasizes that, as the incidence is highest among young adults and the working-age population, a regional focus on vaccine distribution would not lead to a “significant reduction in the number of cases in the short term” or “significantly affect the epidemic”.

“Only a significant increase in the vaccination coverage of the population in younger age groups would have a significant impact on the number of cases and the progression of the epidemic,” the opinion said.

In the opinion it was also thought that targeting would be problematic from the point of view of equality for citizens. It would also be difficult to change the pre-agreed transport routes for vaccines – especially the Pfizer vaccine, which must be stored at -70 degrees.

Shipments of Pfizer vaccine will be arranged in detail for several weeks to come, and changing the agreed shipments will be very laborious if not impossible. This would put the emphasis best for AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines.

Pfizer vaccine is very difficult to transport and store because the temperature should be kept below -70 degrees at all times.­

Next, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health will consider changing the distribution of vaccines and, if necessary, submit its own proposal to the Government. After that, the approval of the Council of State and an amendment to the relevant regulation are still needed before the distribution of vaccines on the basis of the regional epidemic situation could begin.

The regional focus on vaccination could be realized no earlier than 3-4 weeks after the decision.

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