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To boost your health and creativity … do nothing for 15 minutes a day

What if to stay healthy you just had to do nothing? Sitting and waiting without doing any other activity for fifteen minutes would be good for our creativity and our imagination. It would even have effects on our diet. In any case, this is what Doctor Jimmy Mohamed recommends this Monday morning in his column. Our health on Europe 1.

“There are plenty of situations where we do nothing and yet a lot of things happen. During your sleep, for example, you metabolize the emotions accumulated during the day. If you argue with a colleague or with your wife in the evening , you will ruminate at night, and the next morning, you have forgotten everything because during the night, even when nothing is done, the brain does for us.

Eat mindfully

Another situation: when you eat. The brain is not made to do two things at the same time that will require special attention. If you are walking, you can talk to someone without a problem. On the other hand, if you are walking on an ice rink and want to have a conversation, you cannot. So when you eat, if you watch TV, if you are on your phone, your brain cannot decode both pieces of information. You will eat more and gain weight. We must therefore eat mindfully.

Same prescription in the morning, when we are on our phone all the time. Even when there is nothing to do, there is always time to do something.

Let your imagination be free

You have to allow yourself moments of reverie: 10 to 15 minutes a day when you do nothing. No phone, no email, no continuous news channel, you let your imagination run wild. Some studies show that even when you sit idly by, areas of the brain for creativity and association of ideas will activate.

The story goes that Paul McCartney designed the melody of the legendary song Yesterday by doing nothing: it was during the night that this melody appeared to him. “

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