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to avoid waste, non-priority people are sometimes vaccinated


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J. Lonchampt, C. Vérove, A. Richier, A. Lay, E. Prigent, F. Le Moal, M. Bernouin, T. Simonet, P-.J. Perrin, A. D’Abrigeon

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France 2

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From Saturday March 27, it will be possible to be vaccinated from the age of 70. In reality, non-priority people have, however, already been vaccinated with excess doses by a doctor or in a hospital, so as not to spoil them.

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As of Saturday March 27, it will be possible to get vaccinated from the age of 70, and no longer 75. However, some have already been able to receive a dose so as not to waste it. In a vaccination center in Antibes (Alpes-Maritimes), Corinne Travaglini, aged 62, received her injection at the same time as her priority husband, the city considering that it had enough doses. In view of what is circulating on social networks, this is not an isolated case.

I am 42 years old, I am in good health, I did not meet any of these criteria, and yet I am vaccinated“, rejoices a Marseillais who lied about his age when registering online. No proof was requested. After opening an AstraZeneca vaccine, all doses must be administered within 48 hours. “If I cannot reach a person with a priority criterion, I inject to a non-priority person, because I do not want to waste the dose“, explains Dr. Pascal Dureau, general practitioner. The government recalls Thursday, March 25 that the priorities must be respected, but also calls for common sense.

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