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Tina Turner, 81, opens in a new documentary about the horrors of her marriage – the violent Ike still comes to sleep: “It’s like a curse” – Entertainment

Tina Turner’s shifting life is becoming a new documentary that will premiere in the United States at the end of March. The work is called Tina.

Already in the 50s began his incredible career Tina Turner, 81, opens up the turning points of his life in a novelty documentary Tina, which premieres in the United States on March 27.

The new documentary features emotional interviews with the superstar himself, in which he goes through his life from poor childhood to the highest peak in the music world.

She also talks about her turbulent marriage in the documentary Ike Turnerin with. The pair of musicians were the most popular performers of the 60s, but horrors took place behind closed doors. After years of mental and physical assault, Tina Turner finally left her husband and started a new life from scratch.

Tina and Ike Turner have one child in common, 50-year-old Ronnie.­

Turner decided to make the matter public in the ’80s, when journalists together wondered about a couple of musicians who divorced in 1976.

– Even though I was really successful, people still talked about Ike and Tina, Turner says in the documentary Daily Mailin by.

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– I didn’t want to share this insanely embarrassing story, but it seemed like it was the only way to get journalists out of my bundle.

Ike and Tina Turner in Stuttgart, Germany in 1973.­

Turner says in the documentary that he still gets glimpses from the wigs of his memory today of how his wife beat him at any time in any way. According to Turner, the long-lasting violence caused him a traumatic stress disorder.

– Those scenes are coming back. Even though I’m in a dream, the real picture is present – it’s like a curse, Turner says.

Tina Turner, born Anna Mae Bullock, was just a teenager when she met her future husband, Ike Turner. The couple married in 1960 despite the fact that intimate partner violence had already raised its head. Young Tina had given birth to Ike. From the beginning, the relationship was burdened not only by violence but also by alcohol, drugs and infidelity.

Prolonged violence drove Turner into a desperate act. He tried to take his own life with sleeping pills just before his concert in 1968. The band’s auxiliaries rushed the young star to the hospital and saved that life.

Ike and Tina Turner performed as a duo bearing their names. In the 60s, the duo rose to international popularity.­

Eventually, Turner escaped his violent husband with only 36 cents in his pocket and a gas card.

– The nearest home as a completely empty pocket. I had to survive alone, so I went back to work. It was difficult and dangerous because Ike was a violent person. At the time, he was using drugs and was very insecure. I had no money and no place to go, Turner said Jonathan Ross Show’n in an interview in 2017.

Turner said at the talk show she decided to leave her husband at the end of a concert in Dallas after Ike beat her in a limousine. He described that he knew that if he failed to escape now, then he would never get another chance.

– I took the risk, I told myself that the only way is out that door. I left the hotel while he slept.

Turner says he ran through a busy highway in pitch black and feared for his life. He checked into another hotel, the manager of which put a guard standing at the door of the murmured woman’s room. The next day, Turner returned to Los Angeles and began the resignation process.

Tina feared that her music career would end with marriage. In reality, Tina was the couple’s brightest star.­

The ex-man kept everything apart and tried in every way to complicate Turner’s life long after the separation. Turner had to build everything from scratch.

After a few years of silence, Tina Turner, who had been in the shadow of her husband for years, returned in 1984 with the album Private Dancer. After that, Turner became one of the most successful female singers in the world, selling millions of records, winning Grammy Awards and making numerous successful tours around the globe.

Tina Turner will give a concert in London in March 2009.­

In addition to her shocking relationship history, Tina Turner has suffered from numerous health problems in the past. In 2013, he suffered a stroke that forced Turner to learn to walk again.

A year later, his kidneys began to fail and in 2016 he contracted bowel cancer. Turner’s current spouse Erwin Bach successfully donated his kidney to Turner in 2017.

The next gloomy cloud appeared in Turner’s life in July 2018, when his firstborn son Craig committed suicide at the age of 59. Craig is not Ike’s son, but he originated from a short romance that Tina had with another member of the band when she was still a teenager. Ike adopted Craig later, just as Tina adopted Ike’s two other sons.

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Tina Turner finally found true love from German music producer Erwin Bach.­

Turner has lived in Zurich, Switzerland, with Erwin Bach since 1995, and is no longer a U.S. citizen. The couple formalized their relationship as early as 1986, but did not marry until 2013. Turner has said in public that she did not dare respond to her husband’s first courtship because of her past.

Ike Turner died on 12 December 2007 of a cocaine overdose.

Soul musician Ike Turner in 2007.­

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