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Tin Cat: “The Shield” is my main goal with Al Wahda next season – local sport

“His main goal with (Annabi) is to achieve the Arabian Gulf League shield next season,” said Al-Wehda’s coach, Dutch Ten Cat, while Al-Jazeera, who had previously coached him, was nominated to win the title this season. Despite his praise of the great capabilities of the Bani Yas team and what it offers, he stressed that “Annabi” will be the biggest obstacle facing Al-Samawi when they meet in the 26th and final round.

Baniyas leads the league with 48 points, compared to 47 for Al-Jazirah, the runner-up, while Al-Wahda is in seventh place with 35 points. Al-Annabi’s new coach spoke at a press conference held yesterday with remote communication technology.

The Dutch coach stressed that he had come to the “Excellencies” stronghold to win the league championship next season.

He added, “We have current and future goals. We are working during this period to reach the group tournament of the AFC Champions League, and reserve a seat for us in that tournament next season, and this we must win all the matches that we will play in the league championship.”

He explained: “It remains the biggest project in which I agreed with the management to win the league championship next season, and this requires great work and perfect preparation. By studying the current situation of the unit, we found that the team lost only four games, but in return it tied in many matches, and lost Many points with these results, and the team that seeks the title does not have to win at Al-Jazira or Shabab Al-Ahly. Rather, it must collect the largest number of points, and these are the parts that we will focus on in the future.

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Regarding the reasons for his departure from the unit two seasons ago and his return again, Tin Cat said: “In fact, the circumstances today are different from before, and when I left I was in constant contact with the officials in the club, and the relationship between us did not break, and this is what made me respond to their call to come back again.”

Not surprised by rain

And if he was surprised by the continuation of Ismail Matar in the stadiums until the age of 39, the Dutch coach pointed out: “I am not surprised that Matar plays until this advanced age, but I am really surprised by the wonderful levels that he offers this season, he has proven that when he gets older, he becomes younger in the level. The tender, and this is not praise for the player as much as it is a reality that we see. The example of Ismail Matar represents a strong motivation for the young players, to always continue to do their best, and that age is just a number in the life of any player.

Turning to Matar’s absence from the national team, he said: “This question should be directed to the coach of the national team, not mine, but my opinion is that Ismail Matar is the best player in the league this season. He gave an exceptional performance, and he should have got his chance.”

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Regarding his opinion on the reasons that prompted Al-Annabi to leave empty-handed from this season’s tournaments, he said: “I do not like to talk about the past. We have thrown the past behind our backs and we are now looking forward to the present and the future. We have a strong team, great players and a cooperative management to the fullest degree. Unity with regard to the talents of the young players, who have not developed significantly in proportion to their tremendous abilities, we will continue to give them the opportunity because they are the future of the club. ”

He continued, “I strongly believe in the abilities and energies of young people, and we have the example and the lesson of Al-Jazira Club, as it has reached its current stage thanks to the advancement of young players and the development of their level, and it gave them the opportunity until we found (the pride of Abu Dhabi) the first candidate for the league championship.”

Tigali departure

The Dutch coach talked about the departure of the former historic Al-Wahda scorer, Tigali, to Al-Nasr team, and said: “The players come and go, and this is the year of life in football. And also, Tigali should be grateful to the unit, because he provided him with the appropriate atmosphere and found around him the players who helped him to present these remarkable levels.

He added: “Tigali put any goalscorer after him in a difficult test, but from my point of view, Matavz and Omar Khribin are doing what is required of them in a wonderful way, and Brazilian Joao Pedro will come to us next season, which is an important addition to the team’s attack.”

Tin Cat:

– “Rain has proven that when he gets older, he becomes younger in level and tender.”

– “Brazilian Pedro is an important addition to unity when he plays with us next season.”

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