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Time change. The skin also suffers

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The controversial moment of change time. This weekend, at dawn from Saturday to Sunday, we will gain one more hour of light at dusk and, in return, we will lose one hour of sleep. We began, one year more, the reviled summer scheduleThe one that we Spaniards adore – nothing cheers up the spirit more than a late sunset – but that experts want to settle for the negative consequences for our body and its circadian rhythm.

Because that small change, a simple advance of the clock, affects us. And a lot. To begin with because our body naturally produces melatonin, a hormone that is responsible for regulating the rhythm between wakefulness and sleep and whose secretion is affected by sunlight. Therefore, if from one day to the next we remove or give one more hour of light to the body, our whole organism goes out of control.

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Fortunately, to get around the consequences of this setting of the watch and the mini jet lag That provokes both emotionally and cutaneously – the body can take up to 10 days to readjust, and the skin and hair must also make an extra effort to adapt to the increased sunlight – we have good allies. And one of them goes through the last star substance in cosmetic treatments: the cannabidiol (CBD), a natural compound found in the resinous flower of the cannabis. “There are receptors in our body for these types of substances. The consumption of CBD in the appropriate dose, depending on sex, age, height and body weight, has multiple beneficial effects for the body, among which the relaxation and the achievement of a more restful sleep “, explains the expert Vernica Codesido, cofounder of MIFCO Biosciences. “It is because CBD is able to stimulate the production of serotonin, the anti-stress magic molecule, and prevent anxiety while lengthening the non-REM phase of sueo, which provides deeper and more restorative dreams, “he says.

Sleeping well is essential so that the time change is not reflected on our skin. But in addition to cannabidiol, we can help you with these other gestures that will make advancing the clock leave no trace. In the next few days the skin needs an extra dose of vitamins, soothing formulas, regeneration-activating creams, nourishing masks and eye contours against bags and dark circles.

  • No trace of dark circles. “You sleep an hour less, and your gaze is the first to show the consequences, right now that it has become the center of attention. Minimizing bags and dark circles should be the number one cosmetic goal,” he says. Sonia Mrquez, communication director of + Farma cod. For this she recommends ‘Your Eyes’ (48), a formula that illuminates and fights the most severe bags and dark circles by firming the eyelids and reducing wrinkles.
  • Skin inflammation. “When one sleeps less, cytokines are activated, substances that are directly involved in various processes that cause the weakening of the skin barrier,” he explains. Paola Gugliotta, founder of Sepai, master in Dermocosmetics and postgraduate in Genetics and Immunology from Harvard. She recommends ‘Concentrated Collagen Shot’ (12), from Skinlabo, to combat increased acidity in the skin, restructure and redensify it.
  • Greater sensitivity. “And not only anmic. Any change generates stress and in the skin this is noticed in the form of greater skin sensitivity, redness, itching or tightness. It should be strengthened with soothing treatments that at the same time hydrate intensely” Begoa Gmez, Yves Rocher treatment expert. Begoa recommends two products: ‘Calm Face Moisturizer’ (45), APoEM -which soothes, soothes and protects sensitive, reddened or very dry skin thanks to its essential oils of black pepper, chamomile and bergamot-, and the ‘Light Cream Soothing Sensitive Camomille’ (20.50), from Yves Rocher, a moisturizer that reduces feelings of discomfort and calms sensitive and reactive skin.
  • Loss of firmness. “The time change also implies changes in the levels of melatonin, the hormone that regulates our hours of rest. We sleep worse during the first few days and lack of sleep has a negative impact on the skin causing dehydration and lack of elasticity, “he says. Pedro Catal, cosmetologist, doctor of pharmacy and founder of Twelve Beauty. His recommendation, ‘Nutritive Repair Emulsion’ (66), a detox effect balm with natural ingredients that regenerates the epidermal barrier and intensely hydrates.
  • A good routine. “We can help our skin protect itself against these changes and become stronger. For this it is essential to sleep and rest enough hours, drink plenty of water and infusions, do some exercise and eat properly,” says the doctor. Paula Rosso, of the Lajo Plaz Medical Centerto. She recommends ‘Moist Relief Mask’ (64), from Sepai, with a calming and de-stressing effect and active ingredients that provide hydration and protection throughout the day.

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