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Thus, the symptoms caused by street and pollen differ from the symptoms caused by the coronavirus – “One clear distinguishing factor” – Domestic

According to the expert, uncertainty about the cause of the symptoms should not be tolerated, but the coronavirus test should be taken in time.

Spring is fast approaching in Finland. For those suffering from respiratory symptoms, awakening nature knows difficult moments. Dry and windy weather blows street dust into the air. The pollen season has already begun in Finland.

Many Finns suffering from runny nose and nasal congestion are now wondering whether allergic symptoms can be distinguished from symptoms caused by the coronavirus in any way or whether they should apply for a coronavirus test immediately.

An experienced expert will tell you what to do and give step-by-step instructions on when to apply for a corona test.

1. Eye symptoms are most often associated with allergies

– One clear distinguishing factor is that quite often allergies cause eye symptoms. The eyes are red and itchy. These symptoms are not typical of a disease caused by a new coronavirus, an allergy and asthma doctor Timo Vanto Turku tells Ilta-Sanomat.

2. Due to the pollen season, symptoms may indicate an allergy

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Vanto points out that people with allergies often recognize that the symptoms are related to the onset of the pollen season.

– The pollen season has already begun in Finland. Thus, some people with pollen allergies are already sensitized. Alder pollen has come to Finland as a long-term fall and the walnut bush has begun to bloom in Finland. These are often the first allergens in the spring, Vanto says.

3. Antiallergics have no effect on the symptoms of coronavirus

– It must also be remembered that anti-allergy drugs, such as antihistamines, most often help specifically for allergy symptoms, but not for influenza, flu or coronavirus disease. Therefore, if the symptoms do not improve with these drugs, you may want to go for a coronavirus test.

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4. Respirator reduces symptoms caused by street dust

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– Allergy medications also do not help with the symptoms caused by street dust. Using a respirator outdoors will reduce the symptoms caused by street dust.

5. Apply for allergy tests

– If you are still unsure of the cause of your symptoms, you can apply for allergy tests. Allergies can be diagnosed with skin prick tests and skin contact tests, among others. Blood tests can also be used to study allergies, he says.

6. Low threshold for corona test

– Admittedly, access to an allergy test can be more difficult during a pandemic. Therefore, one should not wait in vain if the symptoms do not clearly indicate an allergy, but it is worth applying for a coronavirus test with a low threshold in order to get certainty about it, says Timo Vanto.

He points out that the person suffering from the symptoms alone cannot be sure of himself whether the cause of the symptoms is a coronavirus or another cause, such as dust, some other virus or a bacterium. Therefore, going for an interest rate test is wise.

Symptoms of coronavirus disease

Coronavirus-induced covid-19 disease may be

+ headache

+ odor or taste disturbances

+ runny nose, nasal congestion

+ cough

+ shortness of breath

+ weakness, fatigue

+ muscle aches

+ sore throat, sore throat

+ fever

+ nausea, vomiting

+ diarrhea

Source: Department of Health and Welfare, THL

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