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three presidential candidates campaign for boycott

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                Three of the ten Chadian presidential candidates on April 11 who officially withdrew from the electoral process, but were kept in the race by the country's Supreme Court, have their names and photos in place on the specimen ballots that were distributed to the party.  The opponent Saleh Kebzabo, one of these "<em> candidates despite themselves </em>As they call themselves, has embarked on a strange campaign in Mayo-Kebbi East (southwest of the country), where he has just spent several days calling for a boycott of the ballot.

                                    <p>For four days, Saleh Kebzabo was in the depths of the Mayo-Kebbi East region where he went from village to village to talk " <em>in the deep country</em> He said.  Its objective is to explain to Chadians - who do not listen to radios and do not have access to social networks - its slogan of boycotting the presidential election of April 11.

« Our name is on the ballot paper. We are therefore obliged to go down on the ground, to lead not a campaign so that one votes for us since we are not candidates, but to explain the forfeiture of the Supreme Court, by saying that we are not candidates. People get it. We explain why we are not candidates in an election which is a bogus election and we ask them, therefore, not to go and vote, quite simply. It’s a boycott campaign that I’m running and I think it’s doing well », Souligne Saleh Kebzabo.

The president of the Ceni calls for not disturbing public order

Reaction of the President of the National Electoral Commission of Chad: Kodi Mahamat Bam believes that ” everyone has the right to run their campaign as they wish », But not under any conditions.

« We are in a democracy and everyone is free to say what they think, in campaign, on the sole condition that they do not disturb public order. If he introduces words likely to disturb public order, we have Security. This is not the responsibility of the Ceni », He specifies.

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But the real test will be towards the end of this week, according to opponent Kebzabo. He plans to organize a big meeting in Ndjamena where he will call for an active boycott of the presidential election.

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